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Jun 6, 2012 01:52 PM

Looking for microwaveable rice cooker

Where in Toronto can I buy a small rice cooker capable of cooking 1-2 cups of rice at a time that can be used with microwave?
I had a ceramic cooker that I bought at Utsuwa no Yakata in P-Mall years ago and need another one, but the store is gone.
I understand there are plastic rice cookers as well, but I don't know where to look.
I inquired with Galleria, T&T, J-Town, Sanko, Heisei Mart to see if they had anything but no luck so far.

I prefer ceramic but will go with plastic/tupperware if I must.

Please direct me to a store or online store. Thanks.

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  1. Cayne's has a hard plastic one for around $10

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    1. re: minto

      Thanks, I checked their website but it looks like a large size 8-cups.
      I'm looking for small, 1-2 cup pot.
      I am in the area tomorrow so I will drop by Cayne's to see the size of the pot.

      1. re: liligoo

        I've only seen the mini rice cookers online.

        I've bought from this seller before - if you pay for expedited shipping, Japan to Canada is usually 4 days. I've been lucky and never had to pay duty (delivered via Canada Post). You can also check ebay but avoid any international sellers that ship only using UPS. UPS will charge a ridiculous brokerage fee.

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      1. As long as the ceramic pot is microwavable and has a lid it can be a microwave rice cooker. It will rarely be labeled as such in a chinese store though.
        I would try the housewares stores in Pacific Mall or Market Village. These kinds of stores carry things like electric rice cookers, dishes, and odd kitchen gadgets. I have never been to Tap Phong but I imagine that they sell ceramic pots there.

        1. I agree with sweetie i.e. microwavable with a lid.
          When I don't feel like pulling out my electric rice cooker, I use a large Corningware glass pot to make rice with microwave. It's one of the Visions line as shown here:

          Mine is 2-1/2L Round Stewpot with Glass Cover and it take 18 minutes to prepare 2 cups of rice.

          Check out the Corningware outlet store in North York.
          160 Rimrock Road North York, ON (416) 633-5636

          1. I picked up a small plastic microwave one at the dollar store a couple years ago, but didn't like the resulting rice in the zapper, and pitched it :-)

            Then I found a small 2 - 3 cup electric at CrappyTire for $9.99, and I love it and use it often for rice as well as one-pot dishes like hainanese chicken & rice, bibimbap, congee, etc.