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Looking for microwaveable rice cooker

Where in Toronto can I buy a small rice cooker capable of cooking 1-2 cups of rice at a time that can be used with microwave?
I had a ceramic cooker that I bought at Utsuwa no Yakata in P-Mall years ago and need another one, but the store is gone.
I understand there are plastic rice cookers as well, but I don't know where to look.
I inquired with Galleria, T&T, J-Town, Sanko, Heisei Mart to see if they had anything but no luck so far.

I prefer ceramic but will go with plastic/tupperware if I must.

Please direct me to a store or online store. Thanks.

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  1. Cayne's has a hard plastic one for around $10

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      Thanks, I checked their website but it looks like a large size 8-cups.
      I'm looking for small, 1-2 cup pot.
      I am in the area tomorrow so I will drop by Cayne's to see the size of the pot.

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        I've only seen the mini rice cookers online.


        I've bought from this seller before - if you pay for expedited shipping, Japan to Canada is usually 4 days. I've been lucky and never had to pay duty (delivered via Canada Post). You can also check ebay but avoid any international sellers that ship only using UPS. UPS will charge a ridiculous brokerage fee.

    2. As long as the ceramic pot is microwavable and has a lid it can be a microwave rice cooker. It will rarely be labeled as such in a chinese store though.
      I would try the housewares stores in Pacific Mall or Market Village. These kinds of stores carry things like electric rice cookers, dishes, and odd kitchen gadgets. I have never been to Tap Phong but I imagine that they sell ceramic pots there.

      1. I agree with sweetie i.e. microwavable with a lid.
        When I don't feel like pulling out my electric rice cooker, I use a large Corningware glass pot to make rice with microwave. It's one of the Visions line as shown here:
        Mine is 2-1/2L Round Stewpot with Glass Cover and it take 18 minutes to prepare 2 cups of rice.

        Check out the Corningware outlet store in North York.
        160 Rimrock Road North York, ON (416) 633-5636

        1. I picked up a small plastic microwave one at the dollar store a couple years ago, but didn't like the resulting rice in the zapper, and pitched it :-)

          Then I found a small 2 - 3 cup electric at CrappyTire for $9.99, and I love it and use it often for rice as well as one-pot dishes like hainanese chicken & rice, bibimbap, congee, etc.


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              buttertartz - thank you. I will see if online is the only route.

              sweetie & stargazercd - thank you for your suggestions but I failed many times with generic ceramic/glass pots with lids before. I think it has to do with the shape of the lid covering the top of the pot and not like the drop-lid type shape that keeps the moisture inside the pot, if you know what I mean. with cover-top type lids the moisture excapes the pot easily and I don't get that fluffy and sticky texture I want. I tried a few times with a few ceramic pots and kind of convinced I need a pot specifically designed for microwave rice cooking.

              TorontoTips & paulj - I'm buying it for a gathering center I volunteer at they only have a microwave and an electric kettle, and they don't have stoves or other electrical cookware. If they allowed it electric cooker is much easier, and if they had stoves I'd happily cook with a pot over a stove.

              So far jlist seems to be the route to go. I will also ask Ozawa.

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                "... they only have a microwave and an electric kettle, and they don't have stoves or other electrical cookware. If they allowed it electric cooker is much easier..."

                If they have power and you don't mind using a electric rice cooker, why not just bring a power bar/extension cord in for the kettle and rice cooker?

                1. re: stv

                  Unfortunately they do not allow outside electrical device to be brought in.That's why I said "If they allowed it"

                  1. re: liligoo

                    Interesting - What's magical about the kettle that it passes muster, but a small electric rice cooker wouldn't be approved?

                    The one I have is really tiny, and cheap at $9.99 on sale at CT, and it works like a fiend. CSA approved and safe(r?) as an electric kettle. :-)

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                I found example of the lid I'm talking about.


                You can see the wall is taller than the lid and also has the inner lid so that the moisture is trapped inside. Also the inner lid gives sufficient pressure for fluffier rice.

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                  The products shown in your Amazon.co.jp links are also available at Rakuten which appears to ship to Canada and their site is in English.


              3. Tap Phong on Spadina. We got one for 8 or 9 dollars. Works a treat.

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                  So I went to Tap Phong but they didn't have.The man looked for it for me and checked with another lady in Chinese and after a longish conversation he said "sold out".Too bad!

                2. I bought a plastic one for the microwave at T&T for around $6 or $7. It's larger than just making 1-2 cups. I wish they had that size there. My parents have one that is probably the size that you're looking for, they can't remember the exact supermarket they bought it from, since it's been so long, but it's definitely from a chinese supermarket. Hope this helps!

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                    PrincessStress thank you.I will keep looking.
                    By the way Ozawa Canada did not have it