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Jun 6, 2012 01:49 PM

Best in Portland...

We'll be visiting from Providence (which is a very foodie city) We have 3 days... where do we go for:

1) High end, fancy, great dinner... (Beast was suggested)

2) Cool hipster/local dinner

3) Best ethnic lunch or dinner (i.e. sushi/thai/indian)

Anything else we should try? Heard about the donuts, it's already on the list!

We're staying at the Ace Hotel (not sure where that is in relationship to anything)


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  1. 1) Metrovino, Castagna, Paley's Place, Andina
    2) Clyde Common next door to you @ the Ace
    3)Thai-Pok Pok( also qualifies as #2 or Chaing Mai
    Tasty and Sons for brunch
    Gruener is near you, delicious German food
    Teardrop for cocktails
    Cool Moon in the Pearl for ice cream, altho the latest fave is Salt and Straw
    there are a lot of new places around the Ace...there is Corazon-Mexican, Little Bird-French, a new chef @ Bluehour.. supposed to be great for happy hour...and good people watching!