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Lunch, Garden State Parkway

Hi: Need quick on/off lunch, between Edison and Toms River. Have been to Harold's. Thanks!

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  1. After mapping out the parkway on Google, I never realized how few dining establishments are actually close to it. Been to Blue Ginger on the north end of your trip (Iselin), but I think for variety, I'd recommend the outlet mall in Tinton Falls, about halfway between.

    1. Before seeing Toms River as an end point, I was going to suggest Route 37.

      1. Right off the parkway at Exit 123/Rt. 9 South in South Amboy/Old Bridge is Pho Da Nang, a vietnamese restaurant.

        1. Check out what Keyport has to offer...right off the Parkway. McDonagh's Pub is one of the better Irish pub places for grub in the state.

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            Or, Nemo's across the street for Asian fusion and/or sushi lunch.

            I recommend the mango chicken or Asian hot pot! Never had a roll or lunch platter from Chef Lee that didn't impress.

          2. Here's a post from a couple of years ago on a similar topic, but it may provide some ideas:


            1. Skylark Diner on Rt 1 in Edison is an easy off/on the GSP...and you'll eat WELL!!

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                Curlz, while that is an excellent choice, there is NEVER a time that there isn't TRAFFIC on Rte. 1. That trip could take upwards of 20 minutes if not more.

                Sorry, I'd rarely recommend Edison to anyone who 1) doesn't know the area and 2) who's looking for an easy route to a proximous eatery based on the parameter's of the writer's request.

                I was going to post this yesterday, but the best bet is indeed Keyport - Nemo's or McDonaughs is the ticket. Closest out of all the exits? Applebees (ugggggh) at Ex. 105.

                300' off of the exit.

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                  My 25 minute commute to work entails passing no fewer than four Applebees. I've never gone to one. But I've ended up at each of them several times.

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                    I can honestly state that I've never eaten at Applebees. The same can be said for Papa John's, Pizza Hut as well. There's an Applebees next door to a 5 Guys Burger joint down on the Asbury Park/Ocean border. Applebees is continuously 'jammed' on the occasion that I vist 5 Guys. Processed, salted yuk, but you can 2 dinners for $20 or something like that. A better choice (though not the healthiest either, but it's freshly prepared can be found at 'At the Table' - do that every once in a while (i.e. every couple of months).

              2. Check out a Peruvian place in Perth Amboy. A couple blocks east of Walgreens on Rt. 35 and about a hundred yards north: Latin Grill


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                  Thanks, everyone. What's good in Toms River?

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                    Wolfie's Deli on Rte. 37 in Tom's River is good, but again summer traffic can be bad.


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                      Suggestions for Toms River include the following:
                      1. Siam Spice
                      2. El Familiar
                      3. Aamantran
                      4. Buccio's

                  2. On the high end there's Bobby Flay's place at Exit 105 in Eatontown, "Bobby's Burger Palace", but it is hardly quick on/off.

                    For quick on/off, don't laugh, I'd stop at DQ on Main Street at Exit 109.