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Jun 6, 2012 11:28 AM

Lunch, Garden State Parkway

Hi: Need quick on/off lunch, between Edison and Toms River. Have been to Harold's. Thanks!

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  1. After mapping out the parkway on Google, I never realized how few dining establishments are actually close to it. Been to Blue Ginger on the north end of your trip (Iselin), but I think for variety, I'd recommend the outlet mall in Tinton Falls, about halfway between.

    1. Before seeing Toms River as an end point, I was going to suggest Route 37.

      1. Right off the parkway at Exit 123/Rt. 9 South in South Amboy/Old Bridge is Pho Da Nang, a vietnamese restaurant.

        1. Check out what Keyport has to offer...right off the Parkway. McDonagh's Pub is one of the better Irish pub places for grub in the state.

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            Or, Nemo's across the street for Asian fusion and/or sushi lunch.

            I recommend the mango chicken or Asian hot pot! Never had a roll or lunch platter from Chef Lee that didn't impress.

          2. Here's a post from a couple of years ago on a similar topic, but it may provide some ideas: