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Jun 6, 2012 11:13 AM

Hot and Sour Merrimack Valley

I have scoured the boards, and only find out of date or out of geography references to hot and sour soup. Someone tried to start a Lawrence/Methuen thread on this a year or so ago but I'll try again. Who in the 93/495/133/28 region have good hot and sour soup. I have a stupid summer cold and that soup is the best for it.

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  1. Teatone in Andover, Feng Shui(sp?) in Chelmsford, Lee Chen in North Andover. Hope that you feel better...personally, the Greek egg-lemon soup at the Athenian Corner in Lowell works wonders!

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      Wang's Table in Haverhill, which got a recent post from Scuba Steve for their sushi, makes a serviceable HASS. If Concord's in your range, I really enjoyed the Hot and Sour soup under the new (ish) ownership of Asian Gourmet by the rotary. It reminded me of a bowl I'd shared at East Ocean City.

      1. re: ParisLady

        Don't know how Teatone escaped my brain. Never had the soup, but everything else is good. Ring ring...thanks

      2. Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica has a spicy hot and sour. Good with Dan Dan noodles.