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Jun 6, 2012 10:55 AM

Paramount Theater

We are going to see a play at the Paramount on Saturday night and are looking for a fairly quick place for dinner beforehand. Besides Chinatown, is there any place in that area that might fit the bill?

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  1. "Quick" is the dealbreaker there, I'm afraid. Otherwise I'd suggest Marliave. But honestly, Chinatown's less than 5 minutes' walk from the Paramount, I can't imagine eating anywhere else in that situation.

    1. Teatro on Tremont, small plates, app-size orders of pasta:

      1. For so so Italian there is Salvatore's next door.

        1. Resurrecting this post to see if there are any other recommendations. Not real keen on eating Chinese food. Any other ideas for a quick dinner close to Paramount Center tonight?

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            My standbys have always been Teatro and Penang. Does Malaysian count as "Chinese food"?
            I see that there's a Uburger on Tremont. That'd be quicker. Kingston Station used to get some love here...anyone?

            1. re: justbeingpolite

              Hah, we were posting about Kingston Station at the same time. As I indicated, it's decent. Won't blow you away, but you could do far worse.

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                I've gone to Kingston a couple of times recently when stuck in the area and didn't want to go to Chinatown. I would recommend. Definitely a solid choice, reasonably priced, quick. I'd agree with Blumie, "won't blow you away, but you could do far worse."

                I would not recommend Salvatore's unless you are desperate.

              2. re: Marisa23

                Teatro continues to be a good option. Kingston Station also is decent and might be easier to get a table.


                1. re: Marisa23

                  JM Curley is just a scant few blocks from the Paramount. 21 Temple Place:

                  Stoddard's is on the same block.

                  1. re: huuvola

                    I like Curley's but it can get very busy on a Thurs. I'd try to get there early.

                    To echo JBP, does Thai or sushi count as Chinese? Montien

                    haven't tried the new restaurants in the Ritz..but it's right there

                    Blu in the LA Sports Club; also right there. They have a bar menu annd could move you in and out. quickly. I've only had drinks lately but the food looked good...great view of the Paramount.

                  2. re: Marisa23

                    Why not try Sip - in the old BINA space? Devra First recently reviewed it, and while she said the wine bar aspect of the place does not quite live up to expectations, the food is overall pretty good. I think it works for location and in/out.