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Jun 6, 2012 10:42 AM

Taiwanese lunch today in Cupertino... help me choose between....

Mama Liang's
Mama Chen's
Which one is better? I know Mama Liang's is going to be more military village type rather than Taiwanese. But not caring so much about than taste/execution. Thanks!

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  1. What did you try?? I have been to Southland and Mama Liang's exactly once so did not feel right endorsing or disparaging either.

    1. anywhere else is better than mama liang unless eye candy is on the menu. (think poor service, microwaved entrees, lots of msg)
      mama chen's is very good. not sure if same owners are present.

      1. So I ended up going to Mama Chen's. It was very good and I want to go back again to try more things. We got:
        a beef noodle soup - broth with depth, noodles with bite, and good meat
        the mix mix cold appetizer dish - really flavourful lu wei.. not just soy suace taste
        the oyster omlette - crispy on the outside, appropriately gooey on the inside.

        1. I think all three are pretty mediocre.

          Southland has some ok stuff. I thought Mama Chen's was terrible. The menu looks great, but the execution was poor. Mama Liang's was ok, but as you said, more military village type.

          Have to say, I'm pretty disappointed by Taiwanese food in teh Bay Area. I generally like to go to Grand Harbor (I think) in Fremont when I crave it.

          1. Is it called Mama chef now? And does granny's mugshot still adorn the logo of the business? Was Mama herself in the house?

            If you ever make it to the East Bay, try Chou Mama's Kitchen in Newark. It's a bit of a dive, like eating at that Sweetheart Cafe in Oakland Chinatown. Way better tasting oyster omlette, oyster noodles, and gua bao (and better looking) than Mama Chen/Mama Chef versions. But I have to admit, the wide thick noodle/beef noodle soup at MC is quite good, wish it wasn't so greasy.

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              Sweetheart has more than boba and smoothies?

              1. re: kc72

                I'm saying that Chou Mama's Kitchen's interior/decor, ordering process, and seating/furniture (which could pass for the kind at some fish and chips or ice cream place) is kind of like Sweetheart....very cafe like, casual. Not a sit down restaurant proper kind of atmosphere.