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Jun 6, 2012 10:32 AM

What's good for Korean in the NoVA area

All -

My wife and a friend are looking to do Korean this weekend. I considered Hee Been, Sorak Garden, Han Gang, and Chug Dae Kam. The most recent reviews on each weren't all that good; disappointing as I'd been to Han Gang before and liked it (it's been about two years now though) and had always read good things about Hee Been.

Can anyone suggest a place that's still good and has a variety of menu choices? I thought perhaps Honey Pig but would like to try some place we've not been.



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  1. I like Yechon, but I haven't been in a couple of years.

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    1. A Korean friend raves about Woo Lae Oak on Rt. 7 in Tyson's.

      1. Are you looking to do table side bbq?

        1. Just went to Honey Pig last weekend and was a bit disappointed. Panchan were ungenerous and not refilled nor were our waters, the pork belly was dry, the bulgogi was bleh, and we enjoyed the pork rib and chicken best since they were actually moist. It was still fun to do the whole barbeque thing, but I am curious what other places to try on my next trip out to Annandale.

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            For pork belly the only place i ever go to is Nak Won which is next to the Jerry's. Always order the fresh pork belly as its never been frozen and 2 orders of it can feed 3 adults easily. They also give you more variety of sides than Honey Pig. Service can be spotty and the floors a little greasy and slippery but its totally worth it.

          2. A lot of what's being peddled in Koreatown has been hit or miss, IMHO. Two places that have been off the radar: Kimchi House and Hunan Deli. The former's off Route 1 in an odd little building. Limited menu, and no table grills, but everything's made by two nice Korean ladies who serve vegetables they grow in their garden. For jjam bong, dwenjang jigae, and the pungeant stuff, Hunan Deli near Fort Belvoir delivers. Tiny place but always filled with Koreans and military who were stationed in Korea and miss the real deal. Quality Korean fare, reasonable prices, no crowds.



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              thanks for the tip monkeyrotica....will have to try Hunan Deli for lunch next week

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                I like kimchee house, a recent find for me - Not as good as yechon and some others, but closer to where I live.

                I had not heard of the Deli, thanks for the Tip - Can't wait to try it!

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                  Thanks, Monkey, tried the Hunan Deli the other day and was impressed, it is now "in the rotation" - What a hole in the wall! I started with some Mandu - Deep fried, more like wontons, I wasn't expecting that - There are a couple other Mandu dishes on the menu which I have to try, but they were delicious! The Kimchee Jjigae was different - Very good, I believe there were collards in there - Again, new to me but very good. The Kimchee was primarily "American" cabbage - So everything was a bit different than I was used to and I really appreciated that....

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                    Glad you liked it. I really like the cozy mom-n-pop corner diner vibe. One of the criticisms of Hunan Deli is that people come here expecting American-Chinese food and end up getting Chinese food that's adapted to Korean tastes. I think the fried mandu is an example of this. The spicy tofu soups and noodle bowls are perfect on a cold November day. Also, if you're into creole and Thai food, Thaibox nextdoor does some excellent crawfish dishes as well as the noodle/curry standards. Most everything is $10-12 a plate, which is a steal for food of this quality.