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Jun 6, 2012 10:29 AM

Father's Day for 13 please

I have relatives from Florida and Philadelphia coming to Houston for a wedding on the weekend of Father's day (next weekend, not this one). My wife and I are coming in from Austin. Could you let me know where to schlep this crew of 13 for brunch or lunch on Father's day? It probably needs to be somewhere in reasonably close proximity to the Galleria, should take reservations although not a deal breaker, be child friendly since one 3 year old will be in attendance, and should be reasonably priced and delicious. Other than that no real Kenny and Ziggy's is too obvious, and probably wouldn't satisfy the Philidelphia crowd...they think the Deli in their area is to die for. They are also pretty proud of their Italian so I'm a little leary of that also. Thanks in advance, and I look forward to reading any and all responses.

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  1. I suggest Bayou City Seafood and Pasta near The Galleria and El Tiempo on Washington. The Richmond location is closer, but I like the Washington Avenue one better where most of the staff knows us. Bayou City might still have crawfish then, but the rest of the menu is excellent. At El Tiempo, fresh lump crab nachos and quesadillas and the grilled meats arfe outstanding. Don't let the high prices scare you, the apps are huge and the entrees easily feed two.

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      Second El Tiempo as great for a group, although I'm not sure they take reservations. Ouisie's Table could work, as well. Oh, and I have to admit that a guilty pleasure of mine is Yia Yia Mary's (from the Pappas family group of restaurants) on San Felipe, so right in the location you're looking for. It's by no means the best Greek food in town, but I inexplicably love it, and I frequently see large groups of all ages there.

      But I think your best bets for tasty and Houston-ish are the Tex-Mex or seafood places suggested above and below.

    2. Father's day is ridiculous in restaurants as you can imagine. Maybe Tex-Mex for the foreigners? Guadalajara on the Southwest Freeway may take a reservation for 13 and is toddler friendly. It's a local chain that is quite popular. I have met Galleria dwellers there since it is a quick trip from the loop to 59.

      For Gulf Seafood, think about Goode Company Seafood on Kirby near the SW freeway. A bit of construction around there, but it's cool casual Gulf seafood in an old rail car (with additions of rooms for groups). Perfect for adults and toddlers too.

      For order at the counter (easy peasy paying for groups of family each paying their own way) try the local casual steaks and seafood as well as the best hamburger around and a fiery S'more's campfire dessert for the kiddo (adult supervision required) at Amazon Grill in the same area on Kirby @ 59 (SW Freeway).

      In other words, I vote for some local flavor! Hope you find the perfect place.

      1. Try cafe Lili on westheimer for Lebanese and some terrific kabobs. They are an institution in houston. At $45 a head Kirin is doing her fab holiday buffet if u enjoy Indian. The grotto for Italian has a nice vibe and could be ur default Italian. Haven't been in ages, how bout canyon cafe on post oak.. I'll think of a few more

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