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Jun 6, 2012 10:28 AM

[Edinburgh] Cheap/Moderate Restaurants Please


You've all been incredibly helpful in my various searches around London.

I'm going to be up in Edinburgh for a few days and need places that come in at under £20 a head (before alcohol and tip). I've looked around but most of the threads seem to be about restaurants at higher price points than that. Any cuisine, places preferably centrally-ish located, maybe (but not necessarily) using local meat/fish etc.

Thank you in advance,


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  1. immediately coming to mind - places 1 and 3 have preheater menus, place 1 has a deal until 15th june for pay as you like i think - though need to check not having a private function on

    new place locally sourced (i haven't been yet)

    place always get mentioned in looking for cheap place

    for seafood

    place that immediately comes to mind regarding provenance (Hanover Street is the more central location) - not cheap but comes under £20 for two courses - could squeeze in dessert for £21-£22
    The forth street location isn't that far from centre of town (depends where you call central if its princes street/hanover street its probably a 10 -15 minute walk, I would call it central) has preheater options for under £20

    the indian that people seem to like and is most central (i haven't been yet)

    There's a few places around for £20 a head depending on when you eat and what you're looking for - how many courses - maybe say if the above is or is not the kind of place you're looking for and why and you can be directed to something appropriate?

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      Thanks for all the places. I also hadn't considered pre-theatre menus, but those are a good idea, too. From quickly looking at the menus, places like The Dogs, Mother India and Urban Angel appeal more, mainly because of price but also because I think the quantity of food seems larger. The other diner is tall and hungry, so quantity is also important (although not at the expense of quality). Two courses is probably what we'll be eating, so desserts are less important. And I know how walkable Edinburgh is, so location isn't as important.

      Thanks again.

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        The Mosque Kitchen can't be beat for authentisity or price.

    2. Wing Sing Inn is the best chinese I've been to in Edinburgh if not anywhere! They do Beijing and northern chinese food. Absolutely fantastic place. Not a cantonese dish on the menu; usually the only people eating there are chinese.

      This review sums it up for me

      I've written a couple of reviews on qtype I think ...

      There's a good Malasian canteen on Clerk St nr Queen's Hall that's usually packed with asian students. Prices are very reasonable (even for Edinburgh).

      1. Thanks for the help. We ended up going to Yum Yum HK Diner, B'est and The Dogs, and also got bites to eat at the Stockbridge Market.

        Yum Yum HK Diner - interesting menu, a surprising number of dishes made with coca cola (the coca cola chicken was sweet and sticky, but not in a cloying way), quite oily, but tasty overall. The two of us had the Coca Cola Chicken (steamed chicken and green veg in a runny and sweet sauce), Singapore Noodles, and Stuffed Aubergine and Tofu (definitely the standout, both the aubergine and the tofu were fried but tasted of all the ingredients). Not fancy, it's got about five tables in a narrow room with the cooking going on at one end (we came out smelling like fried aubergines).

        B'Est - we got the three-course menu, and both had the venison lasagne because it was the most interesting-sounding dish. To start, we had the seafood gratin (really it was salmon gratin) and the haggis tower. The gratin should have been a touch thicker, but the salmon tasted fresh, the cream sauce was nicely fishy, and the parsley and basil sauce was full of flavours. The tower was more like a hillock, but the haggis was one of the better versions I've tasted and the whisky sauce wasn't too sweet. The lasagne was thick and meaty with a punchy tomato sauce and plenty of cheese. For dessert, we had the tiramisu (looked a bit shop-bought, but tasted good) and the vanilla creme brulee (really good rendition). We drank the house white and it was surprisingly decent seeing as the bottle seemed designed to tell other diners that we were cheap (it had "Medium White Wine" in large letters on a label that could have been knocked up on Paint) The decor reminded me of an unrefurbished suburban Italian restaurant, but the food was so much better than that.

        The Dogs - probably my favourite of the places. Large airy room with a well-stocked bar (that we didn't take advantage of), eclectic artwork and very helpful and friendly staff. We started with the artisanal bread (excellent - thick, crusty, yeasty, delicious) and then both had the fish and chips because it was that kind of day. The fish was a moist and flaky good-sized portion within a crackling crust of batter, the chips were hand-cut and crispy, and came with home made tartar sauce (really good) and mushy peas (I like mine a little less mushy, but that's a personal preference).

        Overall, a really good dining experience, especially since we wanted to spend at the lower end of the Edinburgh spectrum. Hopefully I'll be able to go back and eat more food!