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Jun 6, 2012 10:27 AM

Truffle salt storage

I recently purchased a jar of black truffle salt (from Eataly in NYC), and am having a tough time with proper storage now that I have opened it. The truffle scent is so strong that I can't seem to contain it. Tupperware worked for a few days, but is no longer a good enough fortress. Has anyone had experience with storing truffle products such that they could lend me a nugget of advice before I go out on a jar-buying expedition?

Thanks in advance! (I understand this is a wonderfully high brow problem to have, it's just not one that I anticipated!)


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  1. I've had a jar of truffle salt in my cupboard for at least a couple of years in its original jar and no trouble at all. In your shoes, I'd be tempted to put the whole thing, jar and all, in a hermetically sealed container of rice. Are you quite sure there isn't something else going on in that jar?

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      There are truffle bits in the salt- maybe that's why it's so pungent?