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Jun 6, 2012 10:01 AM

Coffee shop/bakery: What Do You Do with The Tip Line on A Credit Card Slip ?

I was taken aback twice this month. I went to 2 different coffee shops with baked goods and paid with a credit card. My credit card slip had the amount of the purchase (coffee and a bakery item) and a line for a tip and then the total.

What are people's opinion's on what to do with the tip line? I mean, I'm asking the person behind the cash register to pour me a cup of coffee and open the bakery case to hand me my food item. I will occasionally put $$ into a tip jar if I'm a regular customer but it's not something I do automatically.

Maybe it's psychological but a tip jar feels more optional to me than a printed line and a total line, just like you'd see in a restaurant. In fact, at one of the shops, I signed it and didn't fill out either line and the server said "you need to total it" --- felt very uncomfortable.

Thoughts / opinions?

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  1. So you're saying these places have sit down seating but you're taking out? Unless they did something extra for me, I'd just put a line through the tip space and write the total. I don't think they're necessarily expecting you to tip, they just have one POS system that needs to have space for tips to those who eat in.

    1. I write a line through it and then write the total again. I thought everyone did until my girlfriend said she actually tips on takeout orders. The POS system just puts the tip line in automatically, I don't think people expect you to tip (although I'm sure they don't mind).

      1. Tip (or don't) as you would do if paying cash.

        In case of credit card or debit, most system now support adding the tip via the hand-held terminal; if the tip is added on the slip, just write it there (it's acceptable to leave 75c (for example) to round up a coffee and pastries) or just cross a line on the tip section.

        No issue

        1. If all they're doing is handing me a product, say, tea and a muffin, I don't add a tip. If it's a true takeout order (food packaged neatly with the correct condiments, utensils, etc.), I tip $3-4. It seems like many places just use systems that have a tip line added automatically. I don't worry about it- just scratch a line through, put the original total, and sign.

          1. Just by way of clarification - these have been bakery/cafes but no table service. You order your coffee and pastry at a counter, they either bag your pastry or put it on a plate. These places work the same way that a Starbucks or other coffee chain does - you order and get everything at the register and they have some tables/chairs if you want to eat them there.