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Jun 6, 2012 08:52 AM

(Gobble-da-dina) Caponata/Capo Latina: CALLING ALL SICILIANS!

One of my Italian friends asked me to ask a Sicilian how to make this. I found this recipe. If you have made or eaten this before, or someone in your family has, does this recipe sound right? Alternate recipes welcome. Grazie!

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  1. Here's a discussion about caponata on Home Cooking last month. If you scroll down, you'll find my favorite recipe for it ...

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      Apologies--I thought caponata was a different recipe altogether--seems the "gaboladine" is just a variation thereof--I'm with ya now. Your link didn't work for me, but I found the caponata post here:

      Thanks for the redirect! I'll go get smart about it!