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Jun 6, 2012 08:48 AM

Comments on Figs Wood Fired Bistro in Newtown?

I have been to Figs a few times, most recently last night. I think the pizza's and salads are best bets: in particular, the salads with cheese: the goat cheese (rich, creamy, fresh) is phenomenal and the feta is delicious. The salmon add-on to the salad is chintzy. Clam/bacon pizza is tasty and the arugula pizza is loaded with fresh greens. The crust is light and crispy and you get a choice of white or whole wheat dough. Skip the Route 6 burger - go to Five Guys. The fries are yummy. Don't order the black bean/portobello burger unless you like cardboard with ketchup, salt and a measly avocado slice. I would interested to hear about other entrees. The service is pleasant although a bit slow. They have a terrific cocktail/martini menu for $7-$8. I like "The Fig Martini". This place is packed on weekends so try it on a weeknight or get there early on Sat or Sun.

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  1. Where exactly is this restaurant located? Do you know about another restaurant on Rt 25 left hand side in a small shopping center just before Stop and Shop? If so, do you know the name of that restaurant? Looking for a place at that way for lunch with four other women. Wish Sal N Pepe was open for lunch

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      Across from the Sandy Hook Diner ath intersection of River Road and Glen Road. They are closed mon & Tuesday

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        I am not familiar with the other restaurant you mention as I live in Southbury near the Newtown border. Figs is a great choice for lunch with the girls.

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          I just saw your post now, but for future lunches, the restaurant you mention is called Pub 25. I don't know from where you or the other women will be coming, but Thai Berry in Monroe is a nice lunch option as is The Inn at Newtown.

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            Update on Figs - Fish Taco appetizer with slaw is entree size - made with spicy sea bass. The veal chop appetizer special with gnocchi is alos recommnended. Could be an entree.