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Jun 6, 2012 08:39 AM

Kosher food along i95 N.

I live in on long island, and some relatives are driving from Philadelphia to CT along i95. Unfortunately they do not have time for a long stop. Does anyone knows of any inexpensive strictly kosher places along that rout in or close to NYC? (or possibly a nice place to stop and hangout for an hour or so)

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  1. Washington Heights is in Manhattan just north of the Cross-Bronx. Kosher New Rochelle is a little west of 95 in Westchester. Once in Connecticut, there are a few places in Stamford that are a few miles off 95. New Haven also. Look at the map function on the Shamash kosher site.

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      Washington Heights is also a great idea. Classic falafel on the edge of the YU campus. Like Claire's, it's very close to highway.

    2. Claire's, a veggie place with an extensive menu on the Green in New Haven. you pull off the highway, stretch your legs after lunch with a short walk around Yale, then pull back onto route 95.

      1. Teaneck's kosher restaurants are just a few minutes off 95 and just outside NYC. Parking is much easier than NYC.

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          Metuchen and Highland Park are right off the NJT.

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            Kosh in Stamford is a great meat place, and is just a few minutes off 95. Also in Stanford is a kosher Cinnabon, so you can have that "stopping at a rest stop and having rest stop food" experience, although it's in a shopping area, not a rest stop.

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              Highland Park has several options/cuisine types.

              Burgers/Fried Chicken/Shwarma: Park Place (


              Pizza: Jerusalem Pizza. No website that I can find, but way more than just pizza and falafel, although the restaurant itself doesn't have much ambience. Best deal is the combination plate. For about $8, you get a choice of 4 "salads" (in quotes, because salad can include mac and cheese, stuffed shells, fried cauliflower, boureka, any number of things), 4 falafel balls, and a pita. It's a lot of food for one person, but you are limited by what kinds of salads they make that day.

              Chinese: Mei Garden That's the best I could find for a website. Menu looks about the same now as what was posted then, prices may have changed. Food is decent, not the best or worst Chinese food I've ever had. Can't speak to ambience, because I usually get it as take-out.

              Sushi: I don't eat sushi, but people I know who do really like their food. Only a few small tables, I think they must do a lot of takeout business. But there is definitely a place to eat, and they have a link to the kashrut certification on this website. It's under the Vaad HaRabonim of Raritan Valley, which is very trustworthy (one of the local pulpit rabbis is also a rav at the OU).

              Deli: For takeout only (maybe in the summer outside tables are set up), there is Glatt 27, small kosher grocery/market and prepared foods counter. The deli is really fresh, and there are lots of other prepared foods you can get.

              In addition, downtown Highland Park has a kosher Dunkin Donuts and a Carvel. And supposedly, PJ's coffeehouse has some kosher items, but I've never been and can't vouch for it.

              If stopping in Highland Park, your relatives would want to get off 95N I believe at Exit 9, and follow 18 North to Rte 27 N in Highland Park. The could then double-back, or continue on 27N to 287 S and pick up 95N from there, which would be one Exit north of where the person got off (Exit 10).

              In Metuchen, there is the Orchid, a meat restaurant: Unlike most of the places in Highland Park, it's under the Star-K, not the Vaad of Raritan Valley.

              To get to the Orchid, your relatives would want to get off 95N at Exit 10, and take 440/287 (hopefully they have a GPS - there are a few road splits), and take 287 N toward 27 N. Metuchen is just a few miles past that.

              This area of NJ is about 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr 30 min from Philadelphia (say, Center City/City Hall area). I don't know how far into CT your relatives are going, but it takes me about 1hr30min to 1hr45min to get to Stamford from the Highland Park area at non rush-hour times. Washington Heights in NYC is probably about 1 hour from the Highland Park area.

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                The biggest problem with getting off the NJT in Jersey is having to pay tolls. I assume, but don't know this for a fact, that it is cheaper to not stop off the highway than to stop (that is, A->C is cheaper than A->B->C).

                1. re: craigcep

                  True, some exits could increase the toll slightly. The Teaneck exit would not incur any additional costs becuase it's past the last toll of the turnpike.

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              chickies in teaneck, best chicken subs!

              1. re: shoelace

                I also think Teaneck is a good option, and a little faster/closer to the turnpike than Highland Park is.

                As for cheap food, (shedding a tear for Fish of the C's closing).

                Chickies is a downright good buy, but really does not have any seating.

                Many Many many options in Teaneck. None are super inexpensive, but you do get a good band for your buck.

                Check Shamash to see locations of restaurants relative to map. I think the resaturant in the West. Englewood Ave. area might be better because they are close to the main park in Teaneck, Vottee and it's a good place to stretch your legs.

                Good Luck.

            3. If they get hungry right away, Exit 4 on the NJ Turnpike will take them to Cherry Grill (meat), Esti's (dairy/vegetarian) and (meat) - all in Cherry Hill and all about 10 minutes from Exit 4. All very reliable Hechsherim.

              1. Thank you all for the information!