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Jun 6, 2012 08:23 AM

Cookbook Fever

I was fascinated to read a CH had worked his/her way through a Marcella Hazen cookbook. I have several shelves of cookbooks and when I'm looking for a recipe for something I'll do a research or will again make something I liked from before. How many of you out there have actually worked his/her way through which particular cookbook and his or her experience with that? I actually would not be at all surprised there are many of you since we're all obsessed with food here. I read cookbooks all the time, but have never cooked everything in any particular one.

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  1. Worked my way through Peter Reinhart's "The Baker's Apprentice" and currently working my way through Stanley Ginsberg/Norman Berg "Inside the Jewish Bakery". It's time consuming and, in some instances, expensive. But it's also great fun. Experience has taught me that working your way through a cookbook means you're going to plrepare some of the recipes more than once; they don't always turn out perfect ;D