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Jun 6, 2012 07:20 AM

Le Pergolese - Paris - 16th eme (and other restos)

Hi all - I'm new to the board so appreciate your help.

I swore I wasn't going to join the legions asking advice on where to eat in Paris but here goes:

I am staying in the 16th eme from June 14-18. A wonderful French Philadelphia chef recommended Le Pergolese for a fine dining experience not as well known as the other Michelin stars. Does anybody know this restaurant?

I have res at Chez L'Ami Jean for lunch, at Les Papilles on Saturday (unfortunately only for the 7:30 seating) and at Benoit on Sunday evening. I have done way too much research and am now,of course, unable to make a decision this late in the game.

I am also considering Ze Kitchen Galerie. And then of course, there's the factor of allowing wonderful serendipity enter the equation.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Re Le Pergolèse. I've only been once for an expense-account dinner. The level of cooking is indeed worthy of a star. But the supplements, wine markups, and excessive price of other drinks (12 or 13 € for a bottle of water!!... geez!) brings the final bill up to 3-star levels. I would not recommend just because of the less than stellar price/ quality ratio. But this is a problem with lots of restaurants in the 16th. BTW, I'm a local so therefore much more value-minded than free-spending visitors.

    I'd suggest a little stroll to the other side of the avenue de la Grande Armée for a fab and superb-value meal at Caius on the rue Armaillé in the 17th.

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      Thank you. I will cancel my res. Honestly, I live in a big east coast city with great food, and I know that nobody would be able to find the greatest restaurants. So I'm going to try to stop agonizing and stumble across my own finds. That being said....I will book at Caius on your recommendation.

    2. Having been brought up in Philadelphia, if you tell me the chef recommending Le Pergolese, which l am not familiar with, was Pierre Calmels from Bibou, l would listen to him. If you would tell me the chef's name, perhaps l can tell you my opinion. l just checked the Le Pergolese website and see they offer a three course meal with wine for 45 euros/pp. Drink carafe d'eau if price matters and that is the end of the water concern. Your choices are fine, only change l might make is exchanging Benoit, l am not a Ducasse fan others like very much, for Chez Josephine Dumonet. Not quite as upscale as Benoit but in a very good way.

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        Delucacheessemonger - yes, it was Pierre Calmels! Wow - how did you know that? And Bibou is one of those places, as I said above, that a tourist might not find even after doing extensive research. Only thing is he hasn't been to Le Pergolese - he cooked with the chef at three different restaurants. Thanks again for Benoit. One of the reasons I booked was the Sunday nite thing. But I'll switch it out.

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          I have booked Terroir Parisiene for Sunday nite.