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Jun 6, 2012 07:04 AM

Southern Hospitality Buffet - A solid, bigger, fresh, hot buffet option for comfort food

I've been a regular supporter of Fred and his wife for about a year now and they've been serving up "food is love" comfort food to a loyal fan base for a while. But now they've moved into a defunct Souper Salad and have much more space and offer a better buffet for the same price as before with half the stuff on the line. You can't beat a 9 dollar lunch buffet with arguably the best fried catfish / chicken in town (mon, wed, fri) meatloaf (tues) and everyday standouts of black eyed peas, real mashers and gravy, steamed cabbage. I've been twice and there has been chicken and dumplings (soupy and solid), gumbo (a little thin on the roux action, but tasty) on the soup lines. There's the usual cold options (slaw, cucumber / tomato salad, etc.). There's dessert cake slices. Yesterday they had fried okra on the line and roast pork shoulder. Moist cornbread every day. I haven't hit the brisket day yet (random) but word on the street is it's a tasty treat. I mean who does buffet brisket? Lunch is more active than dinner, but hopefully that will change.

This isn't Jack Allen nor does it strive to be. It's a daily offering of clean, solid, fresh, hot comfort food that is prepared and served up with sincere appreciation for the customers from the nicest folks you could hope to find. Keeping a business like this alive where the proprietors are such good local folks is essential to our food scene.

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  1. sounds interesting..where is it? do they have a website you can give us?

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      6700 Middle Fiskville Road Suite 450, Austin, TX 78752 - per the website: "This spot is formerly "Souper Salad" in Just off (I35) near Highland Mall and Galaxy 10 Movie Theater Behind The Burlington Coat Factory"

    2. when i worked in the north lamar area i was a regular and i concur great comfort food and the fried chicken is great too.