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Jun 6, 2012 05:49 AM

Frances' Italian Bakery in Newark - Rum Cake!

Does anyone remember the bakery in Newark called Frances'?? It's been closed for several years since the owner/baker passed away. We grew up on their giant rum cakes and my dad's birthday is coming up - I would love to find another bakery in the area that makes cakes like Frances.

Any suggestions would be GREAT! The cakes were several layers and between was a layer of chocolate "pudding", vanilla "pudding", strawberries & bananas. It had almond savings on the side...and was incredible.


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  1. Rispoli's in Ridgefield

    1. It's funny you mention this because we were just talking with some friends about the old fashioned rum cakes that we always had for birthdays years ago.
      I'm going to try getting one from Plaza Pastry Shop, 39 Franklin Avenue, Nutley (973) 661-0011. I was there last week to pick up a sheet cake that we ordered for a party (they make the best cakes as they are always freshly made great "pudding" filling and fresh fruit) and while I was there I asked them about making up an Italian rum cake with the sliced almonds on the side and they said they make them all the time and in fact, had one in their showcase. So, that is where we are planning to order one for the next birthday.