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Jun 6, 2012 03:19 AM

French Themed Dessert For 6th Gr. French Class?

My daughter volunteered to bake a dessert for her French Class, needs to feed 30. She wanted to bake French macaron's but I don't have the patience or the budget to feed an entire class at the moment. She is a pretty good baker @11. Any suggestions for something that's French in origin, simple, & inexpensive to bake for a group?

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  1. French meringues? I haven't used this recipe, but my mother makes something similar every Christmas and my brother eats them like M&M's.

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      Definitely meringues. Simple to make, CHEAP (egg whites and sugar!). You can add flavoring if you want (vanilla, almond extract, coconut extract, cocoa powder, etc....), and kid friendly.

    2. Madeleines would be easy to make and transport, only problem is you would need a madeleine pan so if you don't already have one then probably too expensive.

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          Perfect timing! Thanks - All of these ideas from everyone are great.

        2. Profiteroles - make small, bite-sized ones. They're fairly easy and require no special equipment. You can fill them with a simple pudding or pastry cream and top with a bit of chocolate glaze. There are plenty of recipes on the internet.

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              Another vote. Super EZ, fast to make, the only trick is to not open the oven while they're baking. She can make 2 or 3 diff fillings, for variety.

            2. How about chouquettes (small choux pastries with sugar)? They're less a dessert than just a sweet snack, but they tick all your can get sanding sugar from King Arthur if you can't find it locally.