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Jun 5, 2012 11:24 PM

Salumeria Rosi

I'm starting a new thread because I don't see a recent dedicated thread for this place.

But mainly, I want to thank hounds who recommended it in threads about Lincoln Center. Because the thing is, this is a place worth going to, regardless of whether you are going to a concert or not.

I felt like doing something fun with my girlfriend tonight, so we got 9:15 reservations. We had a selection of salumi, caponata, escarole sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with chili flakes, and brussels sprouts with pancetta. All dishes were pleasant and flavorful. We had 2 glasses of wine each. I highly recommend the red wine that costs $16 a glass. I don't remember its name off hand, but our waiter described it as their "biggest, baddest wine," and it started off with a delicious taste like dark cherries and then had a great aftertaste. Without wine, our meal probably would have cost $60-something, including tip. As it was, the bill was $107, not overpriced at all.

This place is really fun, and I definitely plan on returning.

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  1. Their lasagna is good too. Glad you enjoyed.

    1. Their food is commendable, but the room is cramped. Be prepared to mingle intimately with other diners.

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        Only moderately cramped, pretty standard for Manhattan.

      2. Sounds delicious, and their products do look fine, but $107 for some salumi, caponata, escarole and 2 glasses of wine is not overpriced at all?

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          4 glasses of wine - 2 for her, 2 for me. And no, it's not overpriced. Our meal was plenty big enough.

          1. re: Pan

            Missed the wine volume, and that does add a huge chunk on. Glad you enjoyed it all.

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              I've lived in the UWS for about a year now and have been meaning to make it here. However, given I live off the park further up in the low 90's, heading 20 or so blocks south when I could just stay on the train/cab and head downtown meant I'd never made it.

              Last night by matter of chance as my wife and I were taking a leisurely stroll from Columbus circle we dropped in and grabbed a late dinner.

              We had:

              1. the small salumi selection (perfectly sliced. Loved every selection - there was approximately 8 different types altogether)
              2. Mozzerella, tomato, basil salad (some of the best fresh mozzarella I've ever had)
              3. White anchovy over raddiccio salad (perhaps overly vinegary - is that ever a word?, but otherwise excellent)
              4. Trippa (Wonderfully tender. The tripe smell/taste was muted excellently)
              5. Lasagne (my wife thought this was not as good as she had hoped. After talking to her about it it seems she was expecting something more bright and that potentially it suffered from a lack of bite/tang to its ragu - I think she wanted to see some red sauce to be honest. I on the other hand thought the strong savory flavor was excellent)

              No wine with the meal (my wife is pregnant and I am not imbibing until post NYC Marathon on 11/4), but all up incl tax and tip, just a little over $90.

              We loved it and if we lived a little closer would be here much more often. Highly recommended.

        2. Dinner last night was the big charcuterie board, pork belly with crispy skin and chickpeas, tripe with tomatoes and basil and Parmesan, and sautéed Brussels sprouts with balsamic & crispy prosciutto. With two cocktails, came out to $86. Really good food, reasonable prices. Our go to if nearby or needing to catch a show at the Beacon.