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Rice Krispie Treat Variations

Any fun variations or recipes you have for rice krispie treats.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Toss in some raisins, or chocolate bits, cut up bits of gum drops, or your choice of flavorings (coconut, maple, etc.).
    Form the mixture into various animal forms before they cool (you can also use food coloring for this type of project).

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        I liked puffed wheat squares more than rice krispie squares.. they're softer and easier to eat. Yumm...

      2. huge fan of the brown butter salted rice krispy treats from smitten kitchen.

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        1. Chocolate chips or peanut butter

          1. I think the recipe is called Scotcheroos. Peanut butter is mixed into the corn syrup mix before rice crispies are added. After pressing into pan, a mix of 1/2 bag each milk chocolate and butterscotch pieces melted together and mixed is spread over the crispies. My husband likes dark chocolate so now I use the dark chocolate bits instead of the mix.

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              Put those on the table with a quart of milk and call it dinner .... Yeeeaah

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                corn syrup mix? I just use marshmallows and butter.

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                  I'm still curious about the corn syrup mixture.

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                    The Scotcheroos recipe does not include marshmallows. It uses a combination of sugar and corn syrup instead.


                2. Replace Rice Krispies with multi-grain Cheerios, add 1/2 c peanut (or almond) butter. Optional--handfuls of butterscotch bits.

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                    Yep, that's what I was going to say! As well as the peanut butter and/or butterscotch chips!

                  2. Too funny, a friend of mine just brought some over last week that she'd experimented with putting fruit loops in! A little too fruity for my taste, but they were colorful and I think would be fine for kids. Then again, I prefer mine plain :)

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                      I agreed with you about plain - until I tried adding Trader Joe's freeze-dried banana pieces. These are coin-shaped so while they can be mixed in whole, it's better to halve or quarter them.
                      Some bites will be plain, others have a potent banana flavor.

                      Too late for this year, but it occurred to me that a red, white, and blue rendition could be achieved by using TJ's freeze-dried berries (blue and rasp or straw), optionally including the banana and/or white chocolate chips as well.

                    2. neopolitan krispie treats

                      Chocolate layer using chocolate krispies on bottom
                      White (plain) layer in middle
                      Strawberry layer on top ~~ mix in jam and red food coloring for pink top layer

                      recipes on internet.

                      1. Smashed-up candy canes or Starlight Mints sprinkled on top.

                        1. Mixed-in Reese's minis or butterscotch chips.

                          1. My household is currently under the spell that is Speculoos Cookie Butter. Google coughed up a few things to do with it other than eaten with a spoon (grin), and among the offerings was Rice Krispie treats. Use as you would making the peanut butter rendition, although it seems the ratio might be a little less...I saw 1/3 cup cookie butter to a standard RK treat recipe, versus 1/2 cup peanut butter. I haven't tried them, but I know I'm going to have to. I'd speculate it would be pretty good subbing in Coco Krispies for the RK, too. Hmm.

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                              yikes, this sounds dangerously good! i might try it soon, if i get my hands on more biscoff spread.

                            2. These are the best - seriously. You MUST try them. Melted Mars bars with Rice Krispies? And chocolate? Swoon.


                              1. Avalanche bars -- I made these for the first time last year, and people loved them. Rice Krispies mixed with white chocolate, peanut butter, mini chocolate chips and lots of marshmallows. The white chocolate and pb are melted, and the chips and marshmallows are left whole/unmelted. I've also made a semisweet chocolate version, but found I preferred the white chocolate/pb mix (despite my love of semisweet and pb any other time.)

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                                  Oh man, that sounds truly fantastic.. I will have to find a recipe for this!

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                                    They're really good. Let me know if you can't find the recipe. :)

                                2. There's a chocolate rice krispie square recipe on Serious Eats that looks good..

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                                    By far the best version, cocoa krispies; standard marshmallow recipe.

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                                      Hmmm.. don't think that you can get cocoa krispies here in Canada. So it's just the basic rice krispie receipe with cocoa krispies instead?

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                                        There's also a new chocolate Cheerios that works well for the kids.

                                    2. Lemonade (local mini-chain of cafes) makes a version topped with a layer of peanut butter cream and then a layer of chocolate ganache. So darned good. I purchased rice crispies and marshmallows a couple weeks ago for the express purpose of recreating them but haven't gotten around to it yet.

                                      1. S'mores RKT - browned butter, chocolate chips and graham cracker bits

                                        White Chocolate Raspberry -- melt some raspberry jam with the marshmallows and butter; stir in krispies and white chocolate chips

                                        Crushed Pretzel bits or Ritz

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                                          Ooh, white choc raspberry sounds amazing!!!

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                                            You got me with pretzels. Next time.

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                                              and if you're feeling particularly decadent, gild the lily with a drizzle of chocolate and/or caramel.

                                          2. We like to mix half and half Rice Crispies and either Coco Crispies or Fruity Pebbles. We actually use the Aldi store brand for these cereals. We find that if the treats are made with straight coco crispies or straight fruity pebbles they end up being too chocolaty or too fruity. Of course I like peanut butter mixed in with regular rice crispy treats and I also like to put some vanilla into the regular recipe.

                                            The question I have is what sort of variants on the Rice Crispy Treats recipe does the center fielder for the Oakland A's prefer?

                                            1. This inspired me last night. I've never made RK treats before. I made a the Kellogg recipe but also bought small bags of white chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips, and peanut butter chips. I melted 2Tbs of butter on low in three separate pans and then added the chips. After I made the rice krispies I did a layer of white chocolate, a layer of peanut butter, and then a top layer of regular chocolate. It got rave reviews at work today although my initial plan was to make the chocolate/PB layers go in the middle. I'll do that the next time. I did have to extend the peanut butter and white chocolate mixtures with a little milk to keep them creamy enough to spread and pour.

                                              1. We make rice krispie treats at work several times a week and they are always a big seller. Here are some of the variations we do, or have done

                                                Mini Chocolate chips
                                                Mini M & M
                                                Chopped Andes Candies (chocolate mint)
                                                Peanut butter
                                                Peanut butter + mini chocolate chips
                                                Any candy bar chopped finely (we use our candy bars that have gone beyond the "sell by" date. Chopped Heath bars are especially good as are Skor, Reeses, Nestle Crunch Bar, Kit Kat, Hershey's and Butterfingers. Almond Joy, Mounds and 3 Muskateers...not so much
                                                Oreo cookie crumbs
                                                Mini chocolate chips + finely crumbled, crisp fried bacon
                                                Peanut butter + mini chocolate chips + finely crumbled, crisp fried bacon

                                                We've done all the variations with Fruit Loops, Cheerios and whatever other cereal we had on hand. Without fail, the most popular flavor is the plain old rice krispie treat with no embellishments.

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                                                  Well who can resist a Rice Krispie Square?? (clearly not me.. nor anyone else on this thread..)

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                                                    Without fail, the most popular flavor is the plain old rice krispie treat with no embellishments.
                                                    That's sure the case for me and my family. Although the chocolate krispies come a close 2nd.

                                                  2. I like to do brown butter white chocolate rice crispy treats! :)

                                                    1. fruity pebbles with dried cranberries

                                                      1. I have friends who make what they call rice whiskey treats. Obviously not for the little ones, but an interesting variation for adults.