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Jun 5, 2012 09:42 PM

My Montreal Itinerary

I will be coming to Montreal for the first time from LA this Saturday. I will be staying at the Hotel St. Sulpice. I am a big foodie and hope to try many and the best of what Montreal has to offer. I am a big fan of seafood and poultry and most cuisines. I don't eat red meat and am a pretty healthy eater so won't be enjoying the smoked meats and poutine this time around but it seems Montreal has so many options. I really only care about atmosphere for the restaurants at dinner time. I have done quite a bit of research and think I have my restaurants narrowed down. This takes into acct that many restaurants are closed on Sundays & Mondays. I am working while I am here so you may see some meals are missing:

Saturday night - dinner at Les 400 Coups

Sunday - chicken from Ramados (breakfast for me is 11am your time)

Sunday - Lunch at L'express

Sunday - Dinner at Garde Manger

Monday - lunch at Le Local

Monday - dinner at La Salle a Manger

Tuesday - breakfast at Olive et Gourmando

Tuesday - dinner at Le Filet

Thoughts? Anything not worth trying or any big ommissions? I appreciate your help!

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  1. This coming week-end? I assume you have reservations for everything (400 coups, garde manger, l'express)

    Don't know about sunday, but it's a heck of a lot of food for one day.


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    1. re: Maximilien

      It's for Saturday night through Tuesday night. I do have reservations. Thoughts on the restaurants I have selected? Thank you!

      1. re: bruinike

        I've only been at les 400 coups for a fixed menu (semi-private event) and it was very good, I meant to try it for the regular menu.

        L'Express, I like for what it is ( I was there monday for lunch and ordered the regular stuff ( marrow, steak-frites, ..) if you can go just after the lunch rush it might be more fun.

        I've not eaten at Garde Manger, Le Local, I've been once (1/2 drunk and I can't remember much, but it's not in my 'hood and I don't have an incentive to go).

        I like La Salle à Manger, good food (better in the summer IMO) and good wine list and they now have a small selectino of private import beers (large 750ml bottles).

        I also like Le Filet, been there a couple of times and enjoyed it as well.

        I'd make the following switch :
        Brunch/Lunch at "Le Réservoir" on sunday and lunch at L'Express on monday.

        1. re: Maximilien

          Reservoir has suspended brunch service for the next couple of months. Opening time is now 3 p.m. daily.

          1. re: Mr F

            oh!!! I was there last week-end!


    2. Wow, looks exciting and it will be fun to read a report. I might change the chicken for breakfast to a visit to a café or a good bakery like Kouign Amann. I wonder if Romados is open and roasting that early? Oh, I see it is more like lunch here. I like the marrow, the quail or steak tartare at L'Express, and also think Reservoir is nice for brunch.

      1. I'd say the biggest omissions are Au Pied Du Cochon and Joe Beef (or Liverpool House) that most out of town foodies will hit up. But then again you did say you were a healthy eater. For lunch you could also consider Club Chasse et Peche in the Chateau Ramezay garden. Otherwise Le Comptoir is also considered good (one of Canada's best new restaurants according to En Route 2011). Tuck Shop is also one of my personal faves.

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        1. re: estilker

          If you re not into red meat looks like good choices to me, another possibility is ferreira as centrally located on Peel, good fish and ambiance but it is Portuguese in theme, not French

          Personally I dont think you are missing much by skipping poutine and smoked meat, neither myself or family would go out of way for them or suggest to visitors as a must! For breakfast I agree you would be better enjoying one of the patisseries.

          1. re: estilker

            If the OP doesn't have a reservation at any of those places already for this weekend, odds are they wouldn't be able to get one, given that it's grand prix weekend.
            Brunch at Lemeac might be a better option than L'Express.

            1. re: estilker

              I considered Au Pied Duand du Cochon and Joe Beef but as I don't eat red meat I thought my options may be limited. The Tuck Shop and Ferreira look right up my alley!

              Thank you for all the recs! Keep them coming. I will definitely send a follow-up report.

              1. re: bruinike

                There should be a lot of seafood at Au Pied du Cochon at this time of year, and there's always a lot of choice other than red meat like duck and foie gras. Might be hard to get a spot at short notice though.

            2. I went to Ramados more years ago than I like - and I still remember it with great joy. It was just SO good! We got dinner to go, wine from SAQ (and we'd told our wine guy what we were getting and he matched it) and man, it was such a great meal!

              Here's a video of ramados, for fun.


              Do not mock the montreal bagels - they are different but lovely.

              We really enjoyed going to the Jean Talon Market and getting an assortment of cheeses and bread - really different tasty stuff.

              Oh and if you are going to a small restaurant - call or e and see if you need reservations. Places do book up.

              Have a wonderful trip!

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              1. re: happybaker

                I would never mock the Montreal bagels. I love bread! If I am able to stop by St. Vitaur or Fairmont I definitely will. I read about Jean Talon. I definitely plan on stopping by. I hope it's not raining!

                1. re: bruinike

                  It rained about the whole time we were there - and it didn't stop us!

                  Everyone just whips out umbrellas (we'd been warned and brought our own) and muddles through. And much of Jean Talon is covered...

                  Montreal is such a great walking city, and a good thing it is - you can walk off all that you eat!