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Jun 5, 2012 09:32 PM

ISO Disposable Aluminum Mini Pie Tins

I'm making two dozen mini pies for Saturday and need disposable aluminum mini pie tins somewhere within 10-15 miles of San Francisco. I've looked at Kamei Restaurant Supply, Sur La Table, Smart and Final, Cash and Carry, Economy Restaurant Supply, and Bed Bath and Beyond. Sugar and Spice in Daly City has them but they're extremely expensive: $3 each for a small pack of 3-4! Help!

Sur La Table has small pie tins, but not disposable ones -- I'll even take those if anyone can help me find a source for those that isn't Sur La Table (very expensive as well). Thanks in advance.

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  1. Maybe try contacting Janelle at She does pies and mini-pies at local spots.

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    1. did you try the East Bay Restaurant Supply that's adjacent to, and visible from 880 in Oakland ? depending where you are, that might be a 25+ mi. round trip and a gallon or more of fuel added to your overhead. aluminum ware should be recycled, not disposed.

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        Thank you, I'll try there.

        Of COURSE aluminum should be recycled. Please don't judge. The people I am giving pies to not only recycle, compost, and eat local, but work for environmental justice, for heaven's sake. I just don't want to buy 20 $5 mini pie tins and give them away.

        I am merely using the terminology of the restaurant supply business so as to make myself more clear. On more than one occasion, as I was trying to explain to the many, many restaurant supply businesses what I wanted, I was told, "Oh, you want the disposables. No, we don't carry those, only reusable ones. Those are only special order." I want the flimsy, single serving aluminum pie tin that costs less than 50c each because I want to just hand my friends the pies in the tins. Sur la Table has small reusable pie tins, but at $3-4 each, I may as well bake my friends whole pies.

      2. Check Cash & Carry Warehouse in San Rafael on Anderson Drive (near Orchard Supply). If I recall, they are about $0.30 each or close to that price.

        Their number is (415) 457-1040.

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          I'm pretty sure I've seen them here as well. It's a great store.

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            Cash and Carry has them, and they're .19 ea.