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Jun 5, 2012 09:06 PM

00 flour Calgary

Can anyone suggest a store in the south side of the city that would carry 00 flour. I forgot to pick it up at the Italian Center and don't want to make the trek back across the city if I don't have to.


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  1. Cookbooks Co (11th Ave SW) , Guiseppe's Italian Market (14th Ave SW) or Soffritto (near Canyon Meadows) are good options. I can't confirm if either actually has 00 but you could call first.

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    1. Meez, Fast Home Cuisine in Lakeview and Willow Park Village also carry 00 flour.

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        thanks, good to know for next time. I did get a very small bag (and probably way overpaid) at Soffritto.

        1. re: cleopatra999

          Meez bags are small too but I asked why and it is the importer that is the problem as that is the only size they are currently carrying. I think as it becomes more popular we will get a price break. Let's hope anyway.

          1. re: moeisha

            It was 2.99/lb at the italian super market in the north, what did you pay down south? And wouldn't the numerous Mercato's stock it?

      2. I live in the deep south and I always get mine at the Bulk Barn in Okotoks. you can get as much as you want....not sure on the price.