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Jun 5, 2012 08:11 PM

Le Bec Fin-pre-opening dinner

Had the enormous good fortune to attend a pre-opening dinner tonight at Le Bec Fin--My best friend's son works at the French Laundry in Yountsville, Ca, and the ex-French Laundry crew now running Le Bec Fin graciously invited my friend to dinner and i got to come, too!---The setting, of course. is formal. but the people are warm and welcoming--much more so than i expected. We had a lovely 5 course meal with wine. I had never been there so cannot compare it to its previous life, but this was a wonderful experience---I hope this new version of Le Bec Fin succeeds--There is a very committed group of people there.

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  1. Can you tell us more about the menu, and in particular, the dishes you tasted?

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      I second truffles comment. I am amazed when people describe a restaurant visit, and leave out completely any mention of the food.

      1. re: cwdonald

        And I apologize for doing that! I was just so excited when I got home last night that I just wanted to write a quick first impression--sort of a thank you to the restaurant for such a special evening--- I've never had the good fortune to attend something like this---I would've posted about the menu later(once I'd recovered),even if none of you asked!

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        If I had one, small, complaint, it was that there was no printed menu and the food presenters were "low talkers"! . Therefore, I sometimes only got the gist of what i was eating! So this is what I think i had: First course was a tempura fish croquette drizzed with olive oil; second was the tiniest bowl of cucumber soup with english peas, actually more like a tablespoon; third was fois gras with a toasted brioche; fourth, a crispy sea bass, and last a guinea hen (which someone else called quail, tho i thought they were different) with spring onions and fava beans. Everything was tiny and delicious-- Dessert was a plate with caramel ice cream, a tiny little mousse with little tiny balls of banana anda plate of petit fours--a lime truffle, a lemon macaron, a raseberry macaron....Everything was beautifully plated and presented-- And the staff-everyone- warm and welcoming.

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            Do you know if the dishes you had are actually going to be on the menu when it reopens?

            1. re: Buckethead

              I don't know, but I assume that what I had definitely represented the type of food that will be served.