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How many different types of dried pasta do you have in your pantry?

Riffing off the rice thread. We have linguine, fettucine, thin spaghetti, spaghetti, pappardelle, trofie, farfalle, penne rigate, pasta mista, and egg noodles...and black squid ink.

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  1. All you listed, plus...

    Cut Spaghetti
    Linguini Fini
    Fettuccini Rigate
    Spaghetti Rigate
    Mezza Penne/Rigatoni
    Bird Nest

    I tend to purchase varieties from DeCecco, Barilla and Colavita... and stock up when on sale.

    1. My husband is half Italian and we eat pasta at least 3 nights a week. That said, we keep only a limited number of shapes, most Barilla brand: penne (his #1 favorite), spaghetti--thin, thick, angel hair and regular, orecchiette, no-cook lasagna noodles, orzo, elbow, super large shells, large shells, baby shells, campanelle, penne rigata, gemelli, cellentani and then new for us the TJs bronze-die Rigatoni. When I want egg-based pasta usually make it myself though we keep a bag of Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles for when the need arises.

      1. I used to keep very few boxes of pasta on hand, but in the last few years, I think I've created an attractive stockpile for myself. The brands I have seem to vary depending on sales, but ... Barilla, Delverde, and Colavita seem to be the most prominent right now.

        1. Egg noodles, rice noodles, rotini, and spaghetti.

          1. Only six; spaghetti, linguini, egg noodles, penne, macaroni (in the form of Kraft), and Udon.

            1. Casarecce
              Penne Rigate

              1. Spaghetti, penne rigate, orzo, and egg noodles.

                1. Thin Spaghetti
                  Angel Hair
                  Cut Spaghetti
                  Large Shells
                  Mezze Rigatoni

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                  1. re: Philly Ray

                    Philly Ray, I have all that you have (and then some) minus any elbows.

                  2. I don't have a ton of room so I try to keep one long, one short and one tiny. I also usually stock at least one Asian and we always have elbows in addition to the other three.

                    For example we have the long telephone cord fusili, penne, pastina, elbows and soba noodles.
                    I try to also keep egg noodles on hand which we also have.

                    Most of my favorite shapes ate hard to find.

                    1. Barilla piccolini mini fusilli
                      Dreamfields Spaghetti
                      Barilla whole wheat penne
                      Prince Large Shells
                      Near East Cous Cous (plain and garlic)
                      Wacky Mac mac and cheese

                      1. I forgot to mention Soba as another.

                        1. We eat pasta fairly regularly so have a turnover of products - we usually have two or three pastas in the cupboard - currently spaghetti, penne and lasagne. Always the supermarket's own brand or, occasionally, the cheap stuff from the discount shops like Lidl.

                          1. Happy to see I don't have a problem :). Mr S looked in the pantry cupboard and said, I think we have pasta issues. But some of you have impressive lists.

                            currently: ditali, linguini, fettuccine, spaghetti, spaghettoni, cappellini, penne, lasagne, macaroni, farfalle, cavatappi, two sizes of egg noodles, fusilli, rotini, rigatoni and two kinds of couscous.

                            Wow, maybe we do have a problem :)

                            1. a box of pastina and a box of rings

                              1. I try to keep spaghetti, and some kind of macaroni for salad or mac'n'cheese, vermicelli and the nested kind of fettucini. We're trying not to eat as much pasta as we used to, and certainly smaller quantities. Since I don't really have a pantry per se, a 2' cupboard shelf of pasta plus rice and dried legumes is what there's room for, but we're surrounded by places to get more immediately.

                                1. Big pasta fans here, so always have a nice variety on hand. I mostly buy Barilla, but also order online from Rossi (their "Devils Angel Hair" is TO DIE FOR if you like spicy food). Currently on hand:

                                  Tri-Colored Rotini - 2 kinds
                                  Citrus-Flavored Rotini
                                  Devil's Angel Hair
                                  Thin spaghetti
                                  Spinach spaghetti
                                  Small wagon wheels
                                  Tagliatelle nests
                                  Italian Herb linguini
                                  Medium Shells
                                  Small Shells
                                  Small farfalle
                                  Spinach linguini

                                  These are just the ones I know I have on hand from the top of my head. I'm sure there are more that I'm just forgetting at the moment.

                                  1. I'm restricted to gluten-free but still have as many as as specialty food store. However, I tend to make pasta more than eat the packaged stuff as I enjoy the process, not to mention the final product.

                                      1. Hi, our 20 year old son has pasta every weekday lunch — and sometimes weekends too.
                                        Capellini No.9
                                        Spaghetti No.6
                                        Spaghetti No.3
                                        Wholewheat spaghetti
                                        Black Spaghetti
                                        Fideus gruixats
                                        Lasagne quick cook
                                        Wholewheat lasagne
                                        Green lasagne
                                        Treccine all'uovo
                                        Penne rigate No.73

                                        1. Been buying here in Israel one I never saw in the States. Barilla brand, a shape called girandole torsades. The name means twists. They're smaller fusilli, basically. Mostly I use penne ... a favorite because they are chewier ... fusilli, bucatini, spaghetti, orzo, ptitim (called Israeli couscous in the States), no-cook lasagna, linguine ... and the locally manufactured and pretty good dry mein or Chinese egg noodles. Oh, and angel hair for making Mexican-style fideos. And dry udon and soba, hauled in by suitcase. I miss being able to buy fresh wonton and egg-roll skins, which in Hawaii I would use to quickly assemble a couple servings of homemade ravioli.

                                          1. Spaghetti-Martelli brand
                                            Orzo-Greek brands that are larger
                                            Oriechette-The one from DelVerde that looks like ear not the smaller one that looks a shell.

                                            1. Anywhere from one to twelve or so.

                                              1. About twenty-eleven, and I am here to tell ya that Croxetti is one miserable waste of time and $$.

                                                1. cavatappi (my favorite)
                                                  cappellini (my favorite when cavatappi isn't my favorite)
                                                  orzo (for soup)
                                                  some 00 flour and eggs in case I want to make my own

                                                  That's it. I know what I like, and that's what I buy.