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Jun 5, 2012 07:36 PM

How many different types of dried pasta do you have in your pantry?

Riffing off the rice thread. We have linguine, fettucine, thin spaghetti, spaghetti, pappardelle, trofie, farfalle, penne rigate, pasta mista, and egg noodles...and black squid ink.

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  1. All you listed, plus...

    Cut Spaghetti
    Linguini Fini
    Fettuccini Rigate
    Spaghetti Rigate
    Mezza Penne/Rigatoni
    Bird Nest

    I tend to purchase varieties from DeCecco, Barilla and Colavita... and stock up when on sale.

    1. My husband is half Italian and we eat pasta at least 3 nights a week. That said, we keep only a limited number of shapes, most Barilla brand: penne (his #1 favorite), spaghetti--thin, thick, angel hair and regular, orecchiette, no-cook lasagna noodles, orzo, elbow, super large shells, large shells, baby shells, campanelle, penne rigata, gemelli, cellentani and then new for us the TJs bronze-die Rigatoni. When I want egg-based pasta usually make it myself though we keep a bag of Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles for when the need arises.

      1. I used to keep very few boxes of pasta on hand, but in the last few years, I think I've created an attractive stockpile for myself. The brands I have seem to vary depending on sales, but ... Barilla, Delverde, and Colavita seem to be the most prominent right now.

        1. Egg noodles, rice noodles, rotini, and spaghetti.

          1. Only six; spaghetti, linguini, egg noodles, penne, macaroni (in the form of Kraft), and Udon.