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Jun 5, 2012 07:27 PM

HELP: Park Slope Restaurant with Private Room

I need the wisdom of the Chowhound Community for this one:

I'm looking for a restaurant in Park Slope with a private room suitable for 20 people, give or take. We'd like to host a Thanksgiving dinner there, so bonus points if it can pull off the Thanksgiving standards.

We'll entertain all price points. Doesn't need to be upscale, but we're looking for something a little higher end than the down-and-dirty options that we love on other occasions.

Because some of the 20 guests will be babies, it really does need to be a private room.


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.

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  1. NOt aware of too many restaurants in Park Slope area with private rooms -

    Convivium's cellar is recommendable. I think Palo Santo might have a private space.
    I thnk Tutta Pasta has a back area which could suit you, but while their food was better than I had expected its still not stellar.. Have you looked into having the meal catered? As I recall some restaurants will cater holiday meals which could be an alternative..

    Good luck!

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      A lot of Park Slope places have little gardens/courtyards in the back that could fit 20 people separately, but the weather would probably be too cold to sit outside by Thanksgiving.

      Frankie's is not Park Slope, BUT it has a lovely private "stable" building in the back, which fits 20 -40 people. I think it's for catered events like weddings, though, so it may be super-expensive.

      I think Convivum is a great idea, too.

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        Here's another vote for Convivium.... though I doubt they can do the Thanksgiving standards. :-/

        1. re: Peter

          Woodland, a new restaurant in Park Slope, is touted to have a 30-person private dining room. Haven't heard any reports, but it's noted here:

      2. I believe I just read that Stone Park Cafe was turning the pizzeria next door into a private dining space. I would imagine the renovations would be completed by then.

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        1. re: Bookistan

          Great leads! Thank you all. Woodlands is literally around the corner from us, and Convivium in not too far off. I'll try to check back in.