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Jun 5, 2012 06:14 PM

Excellent grilled intestines

When available, intestines, however prepared, is a dish I'd order. I find its fatty, chewy texture somewhat bitter, unique substantial taste addictive. Lately, I've been frequenting Yangmani for my intestine fix. Yangmani seems to marinate and prepare it for grilling better than any other places I've tried. It's on Y's AYCE menu (less than $25); I've never gone beyond ordering intestines, beef brisket and pork belly although they also have an a la carte menu with more traditional offerings. The small and large intestines are quite exceptional, beef brisket is superior to other AYCEs not so the tripe and pork belly. The pan chan is not traditional but more like fusion style and includes a romaine salad with lovely tofu sesame dressing. I've tried intestines, Szechuanese, Taiwanese, Cantomese, Filipino, other Korean styles and I dote on them all but I have to say Yangmani's is the one I can recommend without reservations to adventurous foodies. The place is pretty zen with the tasteful shiny stainless steel and dark wood decor one associates with more upscale restaurants. Service is good, alcohol available and the owner very good looking and personable. It is a little more expensive than my previous AYCE favorite (Road to Seoul) but well worth the additional $5 and the taste is better than that a la carte place on 6th Street that supposedly specializes in intestines. Unlike Soot Bul Jeep, it does not get smoky, so it's safe for a date night :-) Easy street or valet parking. Dinner only.

I'd appreciate any restaurant recommendations from y'all for intestine dishes as it's usually overlooked. It does not have to be as "insane" as Bing Sheng's (Guangzhou) raw sashimi pig's stomach. Thanks.

2526 W. Olympic Blvd (between Vermont and Hoover)
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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  1. poggibonzzi, have you been to Byul Gobchang? They seem to specialize in intestines, large and small:

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      Yes I have :-) I thought it pricey and the taste good but not as good a value as Yangmani.

    2. Haige Star Boulevard, not grilled however.

      1. Don Dae Gam. They used to have an intestine plate with small and large but now it's just the large intestine on the menu, I believe. Not AYCE but you get a LOT of intestine. I like eating some pieces cut open and grilled on both sides (like crispy bacon) and some pieces with just the outside ring grilled so that the inside is still melty and fatty delicious. :)

        Byul Gobchang's marinade is too sweet for my taste. It's very pronounced. I also found the small intestine to be on the grisley side. Much leaner intestine than Don Dae Gam's. For me, it was a let down.

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          I'll have to try Haige and Don Dae Gam. Thanks for the recommendations.

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            Had the daechang (large beef intestine) at Don Dae Gam last week. It was quite good. It was brought to the table mixed with scallions, but the scallions weren't cooked on the grill, so just for seasoning. When they're first done cooking, they had the typical somewhat rubbery texture, and as the fat cooks out of them, they get a sizzling burnt crispiness to them that was different but still very good. And only $10.

            (The meat that was on the grill in the photo is the $18 pork neck, but wasn't like the fatty slivers that I'm used getting to at other KBBQ. They also have "special" pork neck for $6 more, which I assume would be what I'm used to getting when I order "pork neck".)