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Jun 5, 2012 04:56 PM

One Week in Las Vegas...

My wife and I will be in Las Vegas for about 8 nights for our 5th wedding anniversary. We will have a rental car.

We will certainly spend whatever is necessary for a truly memorable meal...but nothing bothers us more than paying a lot of money simply for a "name" of a chef. We'd rather go solely on food quality.

To start with, for our one "big" dinner, we are going back and forth between Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy, and e by Jose Andres - Thoughts?

For the rest of our week, we have come up with the following list. Since there are too many for only dinners, we are also considering some for lunch.

Is it a good list? Are we missing anything obvious?

Mon Ami Gabi (Breakfast)
Joe's Seafood
Abriya Raku
India Palace or Origin India
Lotus of Siam
Todd's Unique Dining
Sen of Japan
Il Mulino New York or Bartolotta
Fuku Burger
Wicked Spoon at Cosmo
Steak House at Circus Circus (I still cant believe this crappy casino can produce a great restaurant)

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  1. Hi there,

    Gf and I will be in Vegas in 2 weeks for 5 nights and have dInner resos for chefs table Guy Savoy, Raku, Twist, Joel Robuchon, and e by Jose in that order.

    We decided that we will only have 2 meals a day breakfast/lunch and dinner. With the exception of Raku we are having tasting menus at the other 4 restaurants.

    Guy Savoy and Twist were very accommodating when I wanted a customized menu and when I wanted to substitute items from the a la carte menu to the tasting.

    I suggest looking at menus and see which one excites you, these places want your money and are willing to the extra mile to make you happy.

    I'll report back in a few weeks on how our meals went.