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Jun 5, 2012 04:37 PM

Taqueria la Vaquita in Durham - your favorite things?

Was wondering what everyone liked. I've been to their restaurant and had their chicken enchilada with mole sauce - very good.

The stand is not far from my place. What's your favorite there? Also - anyone ever tried their tamales?

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  1. Their tamales are excellent -- the plate with salad, beans, and rice is a bargain. When I am not ordering that at lunch, I often get the huaraches con pastor. Their enchiladas with salsa verde are also good, and the sit down restaurant does a nice pupusa, though not as good as El Custaleco.

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      Agreed on the tamales. I've only found one other place in the triangle that even comes close to approaching the goodness of La Vaquita's tamales (El Rancho Grande in Cary, NC). I also really like the camarones a la diabla, which are *really* spicy, the ceviche tostadas, the carnitas de puerco, and the cochinita pibil. They also do a really good job with fish tacos and al pastor tacos.

      Its worth noting that the menus are exactly the same at La Vaquita #1 and #2, but #2 serves complimentary tortilla chips and salsa when you are seated.

    2. can't go wrong with the pico de gallo and guacamole that are made to order.