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Who makes Houston's best sandwich?

It could be a deli, restaurant, etc......

Where is your favorite place and what do you get?

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  1. Katz's Deli & Bar 616 Westheimer Rd Houston,TX 77006 Huge sandwiches great flavor overpriced guarantee your going to spend $20 or more .. Great place tho.

    1. Kenny & Ziggys for corned beef or pastrami with swiss
      Mexico's Deli for Argentina Lomito
      Snow's for sausage foldover

      1. I like the reuben at Carter and Cooley.

        1. Check out;

          Paulie's on Westheimer.. the shrimp blt and the portabello mushroom sandwiches are terrific and not soon forgotten!

          Kenny and Ziggy's on Post Oak, hands down the best NY style deli in Houston.. The Pastrami on rye w/spicy Hebrew National mustard absolutely melts in your mouth..

          Local Foods next to Bengy's in Rice Village (they actually own this sandwich restaurant (formerly Antoine)). Thinking about the Bahn Mi, Egg Salad, etc keeps me awake at night..

          Central Market on Westheimer,, you build your own here from a variety of meats, cheeses etc.. the chx melt with mushroom on ciabatta,, great crunch and quality ingredients.. Takes three hands and multiple napkins..

          Jersey Mike's in the Village is a personal fav of mine.. The subs here remind me of home!

          Les Gerval's on Milam, the shredded chicken is terrific.. For 3 bucks,, its amazing!

          Have fun!


          1. + 1 for Local Foods in the Village. Probably my go to place now. No favorite.

            I used to love Kahn's deli in the Village also but it hasn't been the same since Mike Kahn sold. Never been to Katz and while I can't say K & Z is bad it just doesn't have the appeal for me of the funky old Kahn's. Also the portions are obscenely large and I don't eat like that.

            For Nawlins stylel po'boys, Calliope on Jefferson east of DT and on W. Bellfort.

            For banh mi - lots of good places, I like the baguettes at Tan Ba Le on Beechnut best but their fillings aren't always the best.

            Ditto for tortas - lots of good places; so long as the telera is toasted and crisped up some, it pretty much depends on the fillings.

            You can get some good sandwiches at Spec's Liquor Whse deli downtown, too.

            1. My favorite is the T-Wayne Boy at Danton's. Green onion spiked pork sausage on french bread with creole dressing. But they don't always have it - they fetch the sausage from Louisiana and often it's gone when we order it.

              I also like the vegetarian sandwich at Leibman's which involves avocado and artichoke spread and white cheese and is in no way healthy, also on french bread. I like french bread sadwiches.

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                The T-Wayne sounds great. Is that a link type sausage or patty? The sausage I liked best of the ones I've tried from Poffenberger's Bellville Meat Market is their green onion sausage. Everybody does garlic or jalapeno or jalapeno and cheese sausages; I'm surprised more sausage makers don't do a green onion variety.

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                  Links sliced lengthwise. I highly recommend!