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Jun 5, 2012 03:59 PM

Health-ier Pate???

Is it possible? To make a less fattening pate/terrine/mouse??? I love the stuff with all my heart and would love to eat it all the time, but my waistline can't exactly afford it. Any tips on making it at home and cutting down the fat just a wee bit? Perhaps substitutions? or less fat? I know it won't taste as good with theses changes and I am willing to except that to have it more often and splurge on the good stuff every once and a while,

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  1. Rachael,
    I'm 50 and in good shape, exercise and a good diet helps. I have high cholesterol and it's all in my background and nothing shy of drugs is gonna change it. Pate is one of my true vices and I don't eat it often but, when I do it can't the 1/2 assed stuff, sorry, why bother. It's like my wife and her love of mousse, not all the time.


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      Yeah I know thats how to do it, but just trying to see if it is possible.

    2. Rachael,
      I'm sure it is, it just won't be what you and I are really looking for. Boy did that sound like a bad romance novel line!


      1. It depends on what would be less fattening and how high your standards are. I've loved pates made with mushrooms or lentils, but I'm not a big fan of the offal flavor of proper pate - so those wouldn't have what you're looking for.

        Michel Richard is a very well known chef where I live, and he's nearly famous for his faux gras. There's a lot of butter and cream in this recipe, but maybe if you tried it with just half, you could see how it turns out: