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Do You Feel Hunger?

Both my mother and husband rarely to never feel hunger. I have to remind both of them to eat, and when they don't eat for too long it isn't pretty. Does this happen to anyone else out there, and if so, how do you handle it?

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  1. My son is like that. His blood sugar gets so low that he gets cranky and then he feels too nauseous to eat. I handle it by reminding him to eat protein with every meal and to eat 5 or 6 meals throughout the day. Doesn't aways work, since he's not into food. I also keep hard candies in my car just to take the edge off and get his blood sugar back up when I pick him up from school and he's in a bad mood.

    I was the same way when I was a teen, but I know now to to take my own advice and just eat all day long!

    1. My husband will often only eat once a day. He has juice and coffee for breakfast and then nothing for the next 12-14 hours. It was even worse when he smoked. He is so busy during the day, he just doesn't think about it.

      On the weekends, he can turn into a total crank and yes, I do need to remind him to eat something.

      1. I can routinely go 12 hours without food.

        And, yes, I do feel the hunger.

        But, no, I do not get cranky (at least not any more cranky than if I am not hungry)

        I like the feeling of hunger -- it makes me feel alive.

        1. Yes, I feel hunger - my stomach growls, some time later, I begin to get a headache, then I get crabby, then I just start to feel unwell.

          I thank my lucky stars every day to live a life where I don't experience that very often.

          1. I just happened to see this and thought it was ironic. I was going over in my head the last few days.
            Wednesday - English Muffin w/cream cheese for breakfast
            Thursday - Same as above and a bag of potato chips
            Friday - didn't eat all day
            Saturday - went to wedding and gorged
            Sunday - Bacon Bleu burger and fries
            Today - nothing so far.
            I am just now hungry for the first time in six days...and I should note. I am not a small person

            1. I'm a lot like my dog, in that I don't need a clock to tell me it's dinner or lunch time. Before Mrs. O and I were married and I'd moved into her place, we split the cooking and shopping. One day I was having a touch of something flu-ish, and she told me not to worry about dinner, she'd handle it. That evening she was working at her drawing board and I was watching TV, and my inner self said, "Dinner?" Well, it was only around 7:00, so I told it to pipe down. Another hour went by … and finally, around 9:00, she took a bathroom break, and then headed back to her drawing board! "Excuse me," I said, "When were you figuring on dinner?" She looked at me, clearly annoyed, and said, "I'm just not into it, okay?"

              To say I was stunned by this is an understatement. The notion that regular meals are some kind of lifestyle choice, regulated by one's mood, was utterly foreign to my upbringing and subsequent habits, and I must say it continues to be so. It was at that point that I became The Cook, in charge of planning, shopping and preparing our REGULAR meals. It took no persuasion on my part; her dad was The Cook in her house, and though she was and is a perfectly competent one she doesn't do it for pleasure … and obviously not from a sense of duty!

              Now, although she does feel hunger nowadays, I suspect this has as much to do with 31 years of habituation as it does with being 31 years older. Back in '81 she was as big around as my leg, and seemed to live largely on cigarettes and Cosmopolitans. Well, we all did. But then and now, when we would go out to eat, especially with friends, and we're having drinks and conversation, she's not the one who starts looking through the menu after twenty minutes or so …

              1. My tummy knows when it's noon and when it's dinnertime. I wake up hungry. I don't get cranky, ever, but I do get light-headed if I'm really hungry, and my stomach knots up.
                I'm not a big eater, but I am a regular eater. Go a whole day without eating? I'd be passed out on the floor halfway through the day.

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                  Sounds healthy. From what's been said here, along with watching my mom, husband, and son, the way to get cranky from lack of food is to not get a signal from your body to eat. Feeling hunger is evidently an important thing.

                  I wonder if some of us are just born without the hunger signal, or if years of ignoring it blunts the feeling?

                  I have heard that it is common among the elderly to no longer feel hunger; I wonder if this is true?

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                    My mom-in-law, pushing 90, has the appetite of a goldfish for the most part. She's in an all-levels complex, in an independent-living apartment, that her son has observed is very much like "a cruise ship that doesn't go anywhere". She has breakfast brought to her, which she eats because her doctor told her to, and has maybe some Ensure for lunch. But dinner is sacred, a daily ritual that begins at 5:30, and she's downstairs and waiting by 5:15 every day, as are most of the tenants. That's not really hunger, though, but a kind of ritualized gluttony: I'm paying a lot of money to be here, and this lavish dinner is my daily reward. Her actual interest in food, never very strong, has dwindled to a few pet items, particularly shrimp and mussels. I fed her shrimp and grits, which she had never had, for Mother's Day, which seemed to make her very happy, and when we go somewhere with a French-leaning menu she'll get moules frites if it's available. Then she'll devour the mussels and let us help her with the fries.

                  2. I get a headache and cranky. Setimes I realize it is hunger but once cranky hits my SO usually has to remind me to eat. When I am occupied I will forget to eat. If I am procrastinating I will over eat.

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                      Insightful. Watching my husband, it is hard for to forgetters to consistently eat even after they've figured out that they need to.

                    2. Yes, this is me. I only remember to eat when I realize that my hands are shaking from the drop in blood sugar.

                      1. Yes, but the feeling has a fairly short window before it turns into nausea, lightheadedness, spaciness and generally being a bitch. The irony is that the nausea makes me not want to eat, which exasperates the unpleasant "symptoms".

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                          I second the second part of your post, LL. I don't feel hunger, I get nauseated and light-headed. The nausea makes me less likely to eat, and then it takes extreme vertigo for me to FORCE myself to eat. I think in my case it comes from many years of ignoring hunger.

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                            Same for me. I get extremely nauseous and then I have a harder time eating, which then turns into a vicious cycle. I think that for me, it comes from the same thing (ignoring hunger for years), and I pretty much have to be forced to eat because I really struggle with eating when I start to feel nauseous.

                            1. re: vvvalerie

                              When I get to this state, I try to make myself a smoothie (and bulk it up with kale or spinach). I need to eat relatively soon afterwards to avoid a sugar crash, but it often gets me over the "I don't want anything" hump.

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                                My husband acts drunken when he doesn't eat. He sways and has slurred speech and can't keep up with conversation. The worst thing is, he doesn't feel it happening and never remembers it afterwards. You can see how this caused some friction between us before I figured things out! We are trying to avoid this happening by eating every 4 hours right now, but if it happens accidentally I am going to try to video him so he can see what's happening when the sugar dips.

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                                  Thanks for the suggestion, definitely going to try this out. Anything that will get me feeling well enough to eat again afterwards is exactly what I need, because it can get frustrating at times!

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                              Also, if I'm not granted access to food every 3/4 hours I feel sick, get a headache, and feel cranky (hangry, my cousin calls it).

                              My coworkers make fun of me for eating so much. My lady boss is so petite and I almost never see her eat! I am not overweight but am not underweight, either. She seems to just munch on green peppers and almonds.

                              I'm 32 and she's nearly 60 so that may have something to do with it.

                            3. I get shaky before I actually feel hungry. I try to remind myself to eat (!) before the shakes come on. What is funny is that I'll lay in bed in the morning thinking about all of the things I can make / cook / eat before I ACTUALLY crawl out of bed and even dream about such foods!

                              For me, I'll cook a huge meal usually for friends and / or family and have no real appetite. I'm so tired of cook / clean / prep that the food no long entices me. Shame on me!

                              I DO drink a lot of water maybe that has something to do with it?