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Jun 5, 2012 02:19 PM

Meals near Moscone Center?

I'm hanging around Moscone Center the next few days for work. So far, I've had dinner in the Westfield basement food court, which was edible, to put it nicely. But La Boulange was nice for lunch today, and based on cursory research I might stop by Cafe Madeleine tomorrow for something similar. In the evening I might do Ryoko's, Kare-Ken. Zuni Cafe is enticing, not in the least for foodie reasons, but it's much farther to walk, so I'll save it till the weekend. Aside from these, if there's a place nearby that's considered must-try I'd love to know of it.

The other possibility is eating out of Whole Foods Market; the options are healthier, which I do prefer. So if there are places to obtain decent servings of vegetables and lean proteins, I would really appreciate that as well.

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  1. Zero Zero, 54 Mint, Chez Papa, Out the Door in the Westfield mall, Ajisen Ramen, Lulu, B Restaurant (sort of hidden on the roof of Yerba Buena Gardens), Cha Am, Amber India

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      according to the out the door site, the westfield location is still closed for repair.

      I 2nd the Mint Plaza restaurant recommendations. Also add Cupola Pizza in westfield mall (decent pizza; easier to get in to than Zero Zero.
      Add Pazzia on 3rd -- really good pizza and pasta.
      Mochica on harrison btw 5th and 6th (not too far) good peruvian and also open for lunch.

      1. re: bluex

        Good suggestion, some lovely vegetable dishes there.

      2. At Sixth and Market there's Taqueria Cancun. I'd get the al pastor burrito or quesadilla suiza...and ideally eat it there. It's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall but it's cheap and if you don't live in an area with decent Mexican food, it'll be well worth it. Good pick for lunch.

        1. Try lunch at The Sentinel...tiny place, no place to sit, but very good sandwiches. Bring back to Yerba Buena and sit by the fountains. I just had an exellent spicy cabbage, pulled pork sandwich at its sister place AU/Golden West yesterday.

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