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Jun 5, 2012 02:08 PM

Vitamix Help - Which Model

I need some advice - I am ready to pull the trigger on a Vita Mix and am torn about which model. I've narrowed it down to the 5200 Deluxe (with 32 oz dry container and 32 oz wet container) on the Vita Mix website versus the Pro 300 from Sur la Table. I live in an apartment with limited counter space, and there's just 3 in my family, so I was thinking I could leave the 5200 with the 32oz container on my counter. I was intrigued by the supposed quieter motor on the Pro 300, but then a couple of YouTube video seemed to show that the Pro 300 wasn't actually quieter. For just about $100 more, seems like the 2 extra containers with the 5200 are a real bargain. Thoughts? Suggestions? Other considerations? I'm very excited for this, but it's a big investment, so I want to choose wisely. Thank you!

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  1. While we have the 5200 and leave it on the counter with the jar beside it, Williams Sonoma has a newer Vitamix that might meet your requirements. It has some presets to make life easier for those who like them. Also, QVC, from time to time sells one with a short squatty jar made to sit nicely under most cabinets, but I cannot tell you if it is 48 or 64 oz. Also, on the WS model, I do not know if the standard jars are interchangeable or not. Here is a link with pricing and videos. I hope this helps.

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      Thanks so much, dcrb! I looked at the WS 750 model and the price really turned me off - it increased by $50 just last week for no apparent reason. So I think thats a little too rich for my blood, but the pro 300 is the 750 without the presets. What I'm trying to figure out is whether the redesigned handle, supposedly quieter motor and other bells and whistles are worth the price. Any thoughts from folks who've seen/used both? Thank you!

    2. Try this link for a discussion on the different models. Price is always a consideration, but the VitaMix should last a very long time. Also, the 750 is available only at WS, so it may be some time before it is available direct.

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        Thank you! This is very helpful. Still not sure what to buy, but you pointed me to some great info. Thanks so much!

      2. I just bought a Vitamix Creations II that comes with a 48 oz container that will fit under the counter.

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            I just bought a 64 oz and 32 oz container each with a new-style two-piece lid, but no blades, for about $ 35.00 each at Amazon. My Vitamix came with a 48 oz container and a wet blade. I will probably get a dry blade and an ice blade for the new containers. The new containers (like the 48 oz ) are made of the new Tritan Copolyester - BPA free material. I've seen the blades priced at about $50 to $75 each.

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              A word of caution. The wet blades that come with the 48oz container in the Vitamix Creations II from QVC will not work with the 64 oz Tritan Copolyester container. The 48 oz wet blade set has a sprocket that is about 1/4 inch too tall for the 64 oz container. When installed in the 64 oz container, it sits on top of the blender base and rocks on the sprocket with the container base 1/4 inch in the air.

              The standard wet and dry blades do work with the 64 oz container and it fits properly on the Creations II base.

              So if you buy a 64 oz container without blades, you cannot use the 48 oz blade set in it. You have to buy a set of standard blades for it (wet or dry).

              This same problem has been reported in several customer reviews of the 64 oz no-blade container at Amazon, when they also tried to use the 48 oz blade set in the 64 oz container.

              Here's a link to their reviews:

          2. Where does the Vita Prep 3 stand in comparison to the other models? I know it has no preset options and the carafe is an older design.

            1. I would wait for another QVC TSV on their Creations Elite model. It's the same exact base as the Pro 300 model with the quieter motor and the pulse feature, but with the 48 oz shorter, wider container. They had it for $429 and it included a $27 stainless smoothie on the go container. BTW, the Creations II is the 5200 machine with the 42 oz. container. Vitamix confirmed it. They had a good price on it on their show on 7/13 at way under $400 for the Creations GC but that had the tall 64 oz. container. There's another show coming up the first week of August and their might be a special then too. Be aware though for some reason they only give a 5 year warranty on the Creations models though the base is the exact same as the Pro 300 which has a 7 year warranty. They said it was to get the prices lower for it.