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Vitamix Help - Which Model

I need some advice - I am ready to pull the trigger on a Vita Mix and am torn about which model. I've narrowed it down to the 5200 Deluxe (with 32 oz dry container and 32 oz wet container) on the Vita Mix website versus the Pro 300 from Sur la Table. I live in an apartment with limited counter space, and there's just 3 in my family, so I was thinking I could leave the 5200 with the 32oz container on my counter. I was intrigued by the supposed quieter motor on the Pro 300, but then a couple of YouTube video seemed to show that the Pro 300 wasn't actually quieter. For just about $100 more, seems like the 2 extra containers with the 5200 are a real bargain. Thoughts? Suggestions? Other considerations? I'm very excited for this, but it's a big investment, so I want to choose wisely. Thank you!

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  1. While we have the 5200 and leave it on the counter with the jar beside it, Williams Sonoma has a newer Vitamix that might meet your requirements. It has some presets to make life easier for those who like them. Also, QVC, from time to time sells one with a short squatty jar made to sit nicely under most cabinets, but I cannot tell you if it is 48 or 64 oz. Also, on the WS model, I do not know if the standard jars are interchangeable or not. Here is a link with pricing and videos. I hope this helps.


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      Thanks so much, dcrb! I looked at the WS 750 model and the price really turned me off - it increased by $50 just last week for no apparent reason. So I think thats a little too rich for my blood, but the pro 300 is the 750 without the presets. What I'm trying to figure out is whether the redesigned handle, supposedly quieter motor and other bells and whistles are worth the price. Any thoughts from folks who've seen/used both? Thank you!

    2. Try this link for a discussion on the different models. Price is always a consideration, but the VitaMix should last a very long time. Also, the 750 is available only at WS, so it may be some time before it is available direct.


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        Thank you! This is very helpful. Still not sure what to buy, but you pointed me to some great info. Thanks so much!

      2. I just bought a Vitamix Creations II that comes with a 48 oz container that will fit under the counter.

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            I just bought a 64 oz and 32 oz container each with a new-style two-piece lid, but no blades, for about $ 35.00 each at Amazon. My Vitamix came with a 48 oz container and a wet blade. I will probably get a dry blade and an ice blade for the new containers. The new containers (like the 48 oz ) are made of the new Tritan Copolyester - BPA free material. I've seen the blades priced at about $50 to $75 each.

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              A word of caution. The wet blades that come with the 48oz container in the Vitamix Creations II from QVC will not work with the 64 oz Tritan Copolyester container. The 48 oz wet blade set has a sprocket that is about 1/4 inch too tall for the 64 oz container. When installed in the 64 oz container, it sits on top of the blender base and rocks on the sprocket with the container base 1/4 inch in the air.

              The standard wet and dry blades do work with the 64 oz container and it fits properly on the Creations II base.

              So if you buy a 64 oz container without blades, you cannot use the 48 oz blade set in it. You have to buy a set of standard blades for it (wet or dry).

              This same problem has been reported in several customer reviews of the 64 oz no-blade container at Amazon, when they also tried to use the 48 oz blade set in the 64 oz container.

              Here's a link to their reviews:

          2. Where does the Vita Prep 3 stand in comparison to the other models? I know it has no preset options and the carafe is an older design.

            1. I would wait for another QVC TSV on their Creations Elite model. It's the same exact base as the Pro 300 model with the quieter motor and the pulse feature, but with the 48 oz shorter, wider container. They had it for $429 and it included a $27 stainless smoothie on the go container. BTW, the Creations II is the 5200 machine with the 42 oz. container. Vitamix confirmed it. They had a good price on it on their show on 7/13 at way under $400 for the Creations GC but that had the tall 64 oz. container. There's another show coming up the first week of August and their might be a special then too. Be aware though for some reason they only give a 5 year warranty on the Creations models though the base is the exact same as the Pro 300 which has a 7 year warranty. They said it was to get the prices lower for it.

              1. Vitamix is the newest item to be coveted as a status symbol. I don't get it. I've had a 2 speed Waring for over 25 years and am happy with it. It does everything I ask of it (maybe I could get it to vacuum?) . It is stored in a cupboard because I honestly do not use a blender that often. My food processor gets a bigger work out. I imagine the Waring will still be whipping right along for another 25 years.

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                  Well as helpful as that comment was, does anyone else have anything to add about the different models?

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                    Respectfully, I see these types of comments here regularly, and I fail to see how they inform the conversation. I suppose it lets us know that if we'd bought our blenders 25 years ago, back when things were still well-made, we'd all still have the same blender. Or, it might tell us that if we all keep our blenders in the cupboard and don't use them that often we'll still have them in 25 years.

                    Seriously though, imagine for a moment that your Waring was stolen, and you needed to go out into this crazy world of poorly made blenders and choose a model that would last more than a year or two of moderate use. What would you choose. I tried at least 4 or 5 (I lost count) of the 'top rated' and 'recommended' blenders out there, ranging from $40 to over $100, and none lasted me more than 2 years, even when they only saw infrequent use.

                    I've now owned a VM for about a year, and I could not care less about status symbols. I care that the blender works well and will last a long time. I've gone from being a frustrated blender owner and infrequent blender user to a person who happily blends 3-5 times a week.

                    At the end of the day, we are really only talking about a blender, but don't knock it as a status-symbol simply because you were fortunate enough to buy a well-made blender 25 years ago that is still going strong today.

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                      If my Waring should disappear, first i would check around thrift shops etc, E-bay and of course Amazon. Actually they have the same model on Amazon right now. It is about $99.00. It is the one they call Professional. The jar is designed to move contents back into the center, less stopping and scraping. If I could not get that one and I cannot imagine them not making it anymore then I would be looking at Osters and Cuisinarts. The Cuisinart company owns Waring.

                      The only issue I have had with the Waring was that it began to leak. It needed a new gasket. I was having a hard time finding one so I bought a square of neoprene and used the old gasket as a template and no more leaks.

                      I cannot see spending the money on a VM, it is just not worth it. I might make a smoothie, puree a soup, but I tend to use a hand held blender and puree in the pot. The Waring can handle crushed ice for those frozen Margaritas.

                      I cannot see what i might be blending that could not be done with a number of less pricy models and put the money I save into something like foie gras or another treat.

                      I know VM's have been around for a long time, why they have become a ne plus ultra must have or your kitchen is sadly lacking and you have to hang your head in shame.

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                        Um... can your Waring Pro make nut butter, real butter, powdered sugar, hot soup in 10 minutes or less, grind meat, ice cream/sorbet, dough, blend wheatgrass into delicious smoothies and so on and so forth? I've done it all in mine. If you want a blender maybe Waring Pro would suffice, if you want a complete food machine the Vitamix is the way to go. The versatility offered by Vitamix can't be beat, except maybe Blend-Tec could come close. On top of that they're made in the US with predominantly US parts and have a customer service center based out of the US as well. You don't replace a Vitamix, you wait until it dies and then you get a new one(15 years at least on average for home use). There's a reason why almost every bar, restaurant, smoothie place, etc. uses some version of they're machine... they're the best.

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                          I got an older Vitamix for $70 via Craigs list. It is built like a tank. A Vitamix is a super-blender and I do need a super-blender sometimes. Such as for grinding up wheat and other grains. I doubt most people here need a super-blender. They would do better following your advice on getting a high quality normal blender in the $100 area.

                          Vitamix is industrial grade and suitable for restaurants. That's what mine is with stainless steel container and only 4 speeds. 2 forward and 2 in reverse.

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                            I am a trained chef, who has owned far too many blenders, including a 350.xx Waring blender purchased 5 years ago that lasted only one frustrating year of having to stop to stir the contents and ended in the entire motor literally grinding to a halt.

                            I do not give a damn about status. At all. I care that the blender I spend money on is worth it, does its job, and lives a full life.

                            If you do not use one often enough to warrant the cost, don't buy one. But for the love of God don't come on a forum and blast everyone that DOES have a need and use for a Vitamix and project this BS head shaming status malarky. Get over yourself and move on. The rest of us need to choose a blender.

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                          Actually, I don't think Vita Mix is a status symbol. They been around for eons and have been well used and beloved in the food industry for many, many years.

                          I've been doing the elder care thing with my (still very lucid) 93 year old mother for the last serveral years. She has a multi-speed Oster blender that was purchased in the late 60s or possibly the very early 70s. It's done a heck of a job for a whole lot of years, but it's finally reached the end of the line. Having used a Vita Mix blender at work pretty steadily for the last 10 years I can honestly say there is absolutely no comparison between the two. The Oster did it's thing but even before it began to decline it was no match for the Vita Mix, not in speed and certainly not in ability to process items. I do a lot of cooking with dried chiles. That little Oster did a better than average job on dried...the Vita Mix does an amazing job.

                          Waring, Oster and all the rest are like a Ford Taurus...reliable but unremarkable. The Vita Mix is like the F-150 truck...reliable, heavy duty and a lot of fun to drive.

                          Everybody cooks differently and some people truely don't need a big blender, for others it's a necessity becuase of what and how they cook. Congratulations on your Waring lasting so long, it is a remarkable achievment for a piece of small equipment. Your should, however, be very careful about labeling a piece of equipment you've not used as something it is not.

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                            Have you actually used a VM, Candy? The older I get the more wisdom I see in the quote, "I am not rich enough to buy cheap things."

                            This is why I buy most of my clothes from Boden, drive a Toyota, have a VM, KA mixer, etc. Good quality makes sense. Not throwing away money for labels... I hate labels.

                          2. I appreciate your opinions on your Waring blender but I have decided on purchasing a Vitamix. So ..... back to my original question. I am looking a the following models: Pro 300, Pro 500, Pro 750 and Prep 3. I'm not really interested in preset functions so that may narrow it down to the 300 and the Prep 3. Does power follow along as I have listed with 300 lowest to Prep 3 highest? I know about the warranty discrepancies between the Prep 3 and the others, but I guess I was wondering if anyone has any other reason to talk me out of that model because its currently the front runner. Thanks

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                              Hi, I was in the same mind set as you were. Another reason would be Pro 300 and Pro 750 are the only ones which has newer vitamix model, with wider jars and 40% quitier operation and more HP. Other model which new is creations elite...I wanted newer model and wider jar so that it can fit inside kitchen cabinets and liked the presets and pulse function, presets look simple but in a long run they seem to be very useful in my opinion. As I can simply set the preset and do something else in the kitchen. So I went with 750 model and I am already loving it.

                              But in case you wouldn't want to spend money on 750, Pro 300 is a better choice. 750, you only can get from William sonoma. For PRO 300, you can order it at COOKING.com site ( i researched earlier for the best price, use coupon for this site 15% off using code C94828 , hopefully coupon works, if so, you would save $80 on the Pro 300.

                              Generally we all try to spend money some where or other, but spending on a good blender which can make smoothies in seconds, make you use it and drink it every day. This is something we would be investing on our healths. A simple modification to our breakfast life style could really change our over all health in 4 months. Less spending on medicines and doctors. Its just my justification....

                              1. re: Sri_MM

                                check out below link from VITAMIX community to get more info on Prep 3....


                            2. Did you check Costco? they have the 6200 model. I have the 5200 and love it! Good luck.

                              1. I would wait until 8/26 as I believe Vitamix will have a special offer on QVC on that day called a TSV (today's special value) as they have 4 shows scheduled then. I'm hoping it's the Creations Elite model which has the new, quieter motor and a fan that's on all the time. It also has a 48 oz. low, wide container which is a nice size and will fit under cabinets if they start about 18" from the counter. I think the 32 oz. is a bit small for everyday. The last time they offered the Elite it was $429 with free shipping I think and a bonus stainless take along container for smoothies they sell for about $27. That had the 5 year warranty. They had it in 4 colors too. The black, red, white, and a blue. The Elite has the exact same motor base as the Pro 300, but with a 48 oz. Tritan container.

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                                  I've used both the Pro 300 and the 5200(Have owned for 3 years) pretty regularly. The Pro 300 is significantly quieter, at least to my ears. Like you said you get the convenience of preset functions with some other models, but they don't do anything the other models can't and for the price difference I don't really think it is worth it. Another nice thing about the Pro 300 and the models with the wider, squatter jars is it is a little easier to scoop things out from down near the blades than the taller pitchers. Otherwise you're going to find great quality in any of them, its just going to be a balance of cost, size, warranty, etc.

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                                    Thanks for your comments. I read it the other night as I was contemplating the OP's question myself. I posted on another thread on here about xchanging a 500 for the newer. I purchased my first Vitamix yesterday. I called VM on Friday and learned a lot about the differences, which had me leaning toward the 300 or 750. Your comparison, having used both, was helpful. Additionally, I don't like a lot of stuff on the counter, but planned to put the VM there as I want to use it every day. I came home with the 750. Truth be told, I would have forgone the presets if the 300 had come in the brushed nickel. Having said that, I really enjoyed having the presets, especially for the amazing soup I made last night.

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                                      I just got the VM Pro 300, and don't find it noticeably any louder than my older KA blender was.

                                      Wow, I'm floored by the way this machine works. I made some cauliflower cheddar soup, and it's the best soup I've ever made. Smooth as silk.

                                      The fellow at Wms-Sonoma said I will love it, and it didn't hurt that I had a rather large gift card to help with the cost. I'm glad I took the plunge.

                                      We were so excited to try it out, I threw in some ice cubes. I had snow in a matter of seconds. I love that I can "dial up" the power as needed, and the pulse is a great feature.

                                  2. Check William Sanoma. The pro 300 ($529) and pro 750 ($649) are new designs and better options. I have a pro 200 and the pro750. The 750 is noticeably quieter, it blend better due to the larger area around the blades and it is much easier to get things out of it. Such as ice creams and nut butters. If you sign up for their credit card you can get a 15% discount and $25 credit on your first purchase with the card. Some stores will match the 20% coupon for bed bath & beyond if you talk to a manager. Yes, Bed Bath & Beyond sells the pro 200 for $399 if you use the 20% coupon. I have tried all of the discussed options, the ninja is horrible if you want anything smooth. It cops easily, but things stay in between the blades and never gets blended. It's good for a slushy and chopping vegetables but that's about it. The KA works ok, and is a decent vale, but again not smooth and breaks too often and too soon. Not many last more than 1-2 years. The Vitamix will last for 20years, you will pay the same price by replacing the cheap blenders every few years that will never perform to the same level. You get what you pay for never applied to a better situation.

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                                      Technu, you sure about the 15% on first purchase? The site just says that after you spend $2,500 they give you a coupon for 10% off. Says nothing about 15% on first purchase. Will check tomorrow.

                                      QVC has a Vitamix special Sunday where their Creations GC is only $379.99 with free shipping. You can break it into 5 payments too at no extra cost. 30 day return policy. Comes in 6 colors. The GC is basically the 5200 model with the 48 oz. container.

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                                        The ones on QVC only have a 5 year warranty vs. the 7 years bought other places. It is also the older motor (noiser) that is in the 5200.
                                        Call your closest store and talk to the manager or assistant manager, tell them a friend was offered 15% for opening a visa account and actually got a 20% price match for the BBB coupon and see if they will work with you. Even if you aren't near the store they can still give you the discount and have it shipped to you. (ask for free shipping due to distance to store) Calling a customer service rep in a call center will not help you. They are not authorized to give discounts and only read responses from a script to answer questions. From my experience, the WS stores offer excellent service to their customers and will work with you as best they can.

                                      2. re: technu

                                        Technu, I called the general # for W-S and they don't know about the 15%. Then they said it's up to the store manager. Where are you located? Would like to call the store with that nice manager :-). Thanks!

                                        1. re: blondelle

                                          My 2 year old Breville ($200) which is used sometimes 3 times a week for smoothies and occasionally to puree large pots of soup, conked out on me last night. My husband opened it and it has something to do with the ball bearings and can't be repaired. I am soooo mad at Breville. I have their wonderful toaster oven and also a toaster, that I love. I will not be a heavy user and I keep my appliances for years.

                                          I am ready to bit the bullet and get a Vita-Max, but there are so many models out there and I am confused. Online (Wms.Sonoma, Amazon, and Bed & Bath).

                                          Since it is Labor Day, I can't contact Breville for a replacement, which is probably fairly cheap if they still stock it, but now I don't even know if I want one. It's heavy (glass jar).

                                          BED & BATH (20% coupon) models (All CIA) 1363, 1709, 1365, 4500 (Wms. Sonoma too $379.99 the cheapest - same price as B&B before $20% off) and 1364 5200 and also at Amazon.

                                          WMS. SONOMA - 5200 $600 - AMAZON - $525 - No tax, but I would prefer buying directly from a store.

                                          The 4500 B&B and Wms. Sonoma is about $100 cheaper and gets good reviews - any diffence form the more expensive models, quality-wise.

                                          PLEEEEZE help me choose a model, I want to get it in the next day or so.


                                          1. re: Canthespam

                                            I bite the bullet and went to Wms. Sonoma this afternoon and bought the Vita-Mix 750. I didn't pay that much for my first car, a '60 Austin Healy Bug Eye Sprite!

                                            This is the first time that I have seen a Vita-Mix in person - only on line numerous times. I made an iced dessert that I found online and it was quick and excellent and had the consistency of ice cream. Then I finished pureeing the mushroom soup that I was making last night when my Breville went out.

                                            If this is their 'quieter' model, I would hate to hear what the others sound like! How many relationships have been ruined when someone was trying to sleep and their mate was making a smoothie at 7:00AM.

                                            So far so good, but of course I will have to do more testing and experimenting with it AND convince my husband that it was worth mortgaging the house for a blender!

                                            1. re: Canthespam

                                              Yeah, I have the Pro 300 (waiting for SLT to get the 750 as I might exchange it) and I was shocked at the noise. It's my first Vitamix and I can't imagine a louder one. I'm getting ear protectors. You can tell a Vitamix user by their healthy glow, and when they cup their ear and say - what? - when you ask them something! I'm in an apt. building and I have to watch what time I can use it. I'm afraid of all the noise for 5 minutes for soup. Vitamix recommends you place it on top of a mouse pad and that helps a bit. Just turn the pad upside down. Mine fit perfectly.

                                              1. re: blondelle

                                                IN order to get the 15% at Williams Sonoma you have to sign up for their Visa card, or at least that is what I was told by the store manager. She also said it wasn't a time llimited event, that she would do it anytime. Also, once you make the purchase you will get a additional 2500 point bonus that can be converted to a $25 statement credit. Just bought mine like this a few weeks ago. It was $557 total with tax and I have a $25 credit coming. The store manager actually gave me 20% discount because they price match and since I told her I was going to buy one at Bed Bath& Beyond with the 20% coupon she gave me the 20%. I would call a different store or better yet if you have one close walk in and talk to some one eye to eye . It must be a manager the other staff will not help with discounts. Good Luck!
                                                PS. the 750 is quieter than all other Vitamix with the exception of 300, 6300, 7500, all which have the same new motor that the 750 has. It's still not going to be as quiet as some want. But, It's a 2.2 horsepower motor than spins at 240 mph, without making the base 2-3 times the size for insulation it going to be somewhat noisy. There isn't another blender of this quality and power that is as quiet, peoples expectations should be in line with available technology. The ones in the coffee shops and juice bars are in a noise isolating box that helps, if you want to get one of those they are about $300.

                                                1. re: technu

                                                  Thanks Tecnu, but I called three separate stores and spoke with three different managers and each told me they never had a 15% sign up discount. They also said that it wasn't the store's policy to match prices or discounts. I even showed them your e-mails but no go. Can you PLEASE tell me the store and the managers name you worked with so I can call them and maybe get the same deal. Would really appreciate it if you could drop me an e-mail.....designrrr@aol.com


                                            2. re: Canthespam

                                              Breville is a good blender, but you will typically be replacing it about every 2-3 years due to the ball bearings or the leaking issues. Both are very common. (yes I had one that I really liked but became very frustrated with) Same issues for the Kitchen Aid 560/580 series. They are just not built to last. I had the CIA #1709 from Bed Bath & Beyond and really liked it , with the exception of how small the area around the blades is. It is very difficult to get any thick mixtures out (nut butters, ice cream, herb butters etc) and you just get frustrated and waste some when cleaning. I return the 1709 to BBB and purchased the 750 at Williams Sonoma and I am much happier. It is quieter and with the much wider base and shorter jar it is so much easier to get things out from around the blades. I went to the William Sonoma store and mentioned the 20% discount I had used for the one I use at BBB and the manager matched it for me, but I had to sign up for their visa card. She said normally it was only 15% discount for signing up for the Visa with your 1st purchase on the card you also get points that equal $25 statement credit. so If you bought the Pro 300 $529 with a 15% discount and $25 statement credit you would pay about $425. if you could convince the manager to price match the 20% it would be about $399

                                              1. re: technu

                                                I bought my 750 four days ago at WS. I asked about getting 20% off with a BB&B coupon and the manager was very nice about it, but said that since for the next few months the 750 is a WS exclusive, that they wouldn't take the coupon. It has to be the exact item sold in other stores.

                                                I just called WS in Stonestown, San Francisco where I purchased the 750, and spoke to the person who sold it to me. She said that if I got their credit card, I would be given 3 points for every dollar spent and a $25.00 credit after I made my first purchase on the card. She also said that Vitamix is one of the brands that does not except coupons.

                                                I just called two other WS in S.F. and was told by both of them that they do not have a 15% discount of any kind. If I got their Visa, I would have to have $2,500 in purchases and then I would get a 10% discount. They said that this 10% could be used on Viamix or any other purchase.

                                                Weird how policies seem to change. They claimed that all policies and prices are across the board in all of their stores.... apparently not so.

                                                I'm lucky that I love my 750 even without a 15% discount... $97.50 :-(

                                                1. re: Canthespam

                                                  Thanks so much Canthespam for posting that. I spoke to someone high up and was told they NEVER offered 15% with the card at ANY time. Technu also posted on another board about this deal. THREE times I've asked this person, on two boards, to provide the store that gave them this deal and three times there was no response. I can understand them not wanting to post it on a public forum but I provided an email address and they never wrote there either. That's very strange and suspicious. Anyone can post anything on the net, and I have no idea what this person's agenda is in repeatedly posting something that's apparently not true.

                                                  WS does give 10% on ANYTHING in the store if you sign up and take a paid cooking course. You can't get it on Vitamix with the free classes though. They start at $45. Maybe if you showed this person's posts to the manager they would give you a 10% credit anyway. I had one store that said they would. Upromise.com also has 5% cashback for WS. They can place the order for you through there on the stores computer if you take the class and you will have your 15%. Maybe they will make some adjustment if you say you will bring it back and buy it online. It's worth a try!

                                                  1. re: blondelle

                                                    Thanks blondelle for following through on this. I have no problems returning things to stores (much to my husband's chagrin), but in this case the WS is so close to my house and I am there on and on fairly regularly .. if that makes any sense.. that I just don't want to go through that with them. I still have a few things to return to them, the 32 oz container that I have just ordered from Vitamix because it needs a mini tamper which WS doesn't sell, and a wedding gift.

                                                    I did ask them before I bought the 750 if they would give me the 20% BBB discount and she said no (as I stated above in another post). Truthfully, I am happy with the 750 and am just not up to it mentally to go around again with them. Being that I knew nothing about any discounts, 10% or otherwise before I bought it, I am just going to keep it and not hassle. This is so unlike me, that I am even surprising myself! Beside, it means extra frequent flyer miles for me - on my credit card. :-)

                                                    Today I placed a telephone order with Vitamix for the 32 oz. container for $100, with a free mini tamper and free shipping. With tax it came to $108.50. The container alone at WS was $141 with tax. So I saved $31 and got everything I needed.

                                                    S.F. has four WS stores, the above store is in a mall, only 15 minutes from my house and has parking. Two of the other stores are downtown and the other is on a business street, and it is difficult to park nearby.. so I will be returning the stuff to the store I bought them in .. including the 750.

                                                    I hope all of this makes sense to you ... it's late and I am confusing myself - :-)

                                                    1. re: Canthespam

                                                      Costco now has the 5200 as a stock item (not the road show- they now have 6300)
                                                      for $367 in my local store (NC). I know not all stores across the country have the same items at the same time.

                                                    2. re: blondelle

                                                      Check your email the info you asked for is there now. I am very busy and travel alot and your email and blog comments are not my 1st priority. Don't really care if you believe my experience or not. I live in the south and apparently the "southern hospitality" doesn't exist in your part of the country, but it doesn't make me a liar. Try some of the NC stores and you wont have the same poor Customer Service you are getting in your part of the country.

                                          2. Sur La Table sells both the Pro 300 and the Pro 750. I'm interested to know the difference between the 7500 and the Pro 300 as they look similar.

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                                            1. re: allpeace

                                              Check out Vitamix.com and compare the 300 and the 750. Also Williams Sonoma.com has both and you can compare them. The 300 is back with fewer presets and the 750 is silver colored.

                                              1. re: allpeace

                                                The 7500 and the Pro are the exact same machine but with a different face plate and a white color added in the 7500 line. The black option also has a darker face plate than the 300. The 7500 is the machine that Vitamix will be selling and the 300 is for their retail outlets. If you buy it through Sur La Table you get their lifetime warranty. It was supposed to end 10/1 but it's still there. You get 6.5% off now if you go through Ebates and buy it from SLT, and if you use a Discover card you get another 5% off as a cashback rebate. Ebates did double the cashback to 13% not too long ago. You might ask them if they will do it again soon.

                                                1. re: blondelle

                                                  Canthespam and blondelle, thank you so much for replying with the information. I'm hoping Vitamix will have information about the launch in Canada, as information on the 7500, 300, and 750 isn't accessible for Canadians (via the Vitamix.com website. Always redirects to the Canadian website which doesn't have those models yet). Those rebates and the lifetime warranty is a good deal! Too bad Sur La Table isn't in Canada (and Vitamix here is expensive). I'm so hoping a black 7500 will be available at Costco but the most recent demos (last week) was the 5200 which is only available to us in white during the road shows.

                                              2. Go to Youtube and search for a series of videos called, "Will It Blend?". Very entertaining.

                                                1. I have several models (very long story involving inheritances, etc), but the one I always end up using is the older stainless steel 4000 with the spigot. Those two will never be gotten rid of.

                                                  1. It was HARD to decide which model. Even narrowing it down to a Vitamix was hard enough. I started with a Ninja but it failed to perform. In the interest of cost I went with a reconditioned 5200. It was amazing. Soon after I saw the 750 pro and fell in LOVE with the new container and was even more impressed with how much quieter it was.

                                                    I didn't really care for the presets - it wasn't worth another couple of hundreds of dollars just to have presets. I then learned about the 7500. This review sealed it for me:

                                                    I returned my reconditioned 5200 and waited for the 7500. It was sooo worth the wait. It really is quieter and there is nothing I can't make in that wonderful new container! The bonus is that it fits on my countertop (the tall container with the reconditioned 5200 did not).

                                                    My suggeestion - go for the 7500. Direct from Vitamix and their latest. If you are really watching your budget then the reconditioned 5200 is an awesome choice too.

                                                    1. In re BB&B 20% off coupons, the ones I've received recently specifically say not applicable to Vitamix (and Breville) products.

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                                                      1. re: buttertart

                                                        I used BB&B coupons regularly. I have purchased things that the coupon says I can't.. one being my Breville Smart Oven. They have never said anything. Present the coupon at the checkout stand and see what happens - 20% is 20%... doesn't hurt to try.

                                                      2. QVC doesn't ship to Canada? They had a deal recently on the 7500 for $469 shipped free. It came with two of the $22 Vitamix smoothie bottles which are great and an extra book on making drinks with it. The 7500 is the exact same machine as the Pro 300. I think the all black on the 7500 looks nicer than the gray faceplate on the 300. If you have cashback sites in Canada that brings the price down even more.

                                                        I'm returning my Pro 750 for the 7500. I found the presets useless.

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                                                        1. re: blondelle

                                                          If I'm not mistaken, the warranty is void once a Vitamix leaves the country in which it's purchased, i.e. you have to purchase a new Vitamix through an authorized dealer in the country in which it will be used for the warranty to be honored.