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Jun 5, 2012 01:52 PM

Places like the Round Grill Formerly in New Brunswick ?

Does anyone know of any places that serve the same style as the round grill in New Brunswick before they closed. I think they called it Korean BBQ but I don't know how accurate that description really is.

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  1. I know it was described as "Mongolian Round Grill".

    I don't know of other places like that around here. I liked it, but sort of a once in a while thing.

    1. They often have them in the chinese buffets around here.

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        There's a Chinese Buffet in East Brunswick.. Old Town I think it's called. They have one. Most every Chinese Buffet has one.

        Not from around here, but I've eaten at this place.. quite good!

      2. There is a place called Magic Grill in Garwood

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          Awesome! Thanks for tell us about it. It's on my radar now