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Jun 5, 2012 01:26 PM

dinner help for upper west side near columbus circle


I'm in town for business and have time for one meal with an old friend next Tuesday. As she has kids, I'd like to eat somewhat close to her (columbus circle area.) I had hoped to dine at Meatball Shop or Frankie's, but that's not likely now.

I was thinking Ma Peche, but friends have suggested Fatty Crab, A Voce, Dove Tail and Bar Boulud.
I'm trying to be somewhat reasonable with $, and wonder if I'm on the right path with Ma Peche, or is there anything else that's of particular interest there as of late.

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. Ma Peche, Fatty Crab, A Voce, Dovetail, and Bar Boulud are all solid choices. Benoit is great too.

    If you're considering Dovetail, I'd suggest Boulud Sud, Marea, or Lincoln instead (better food and atmosphere, similar price points).

    I can't think of any restaurant near Columbus Circle that would have a menu that's similar to Meatball Shop or Frankie's. Maybe Salumeria Rosi or Cesca if you are willing to walk to the West 70s.

    Don Antonio is a new neapolitan pizza place in Hells Kitchen (at 309 West 50th Street) that has received good reviews though I have not tried it yet,

    1. Ma Peche would be a great choice- so would Lincoln. How about Telepan?

      1. Danji would be a good choice.