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How many different types of rice do you have in your pantry?

Rice seems to be proliferating in my house. This came to me when I went out to buy two more containers to store it in. Right now we have the following:
Uncle Ben's
Uncle Ben's brown rice
Brown sushi
Matrix Valenciano (paella rice)
black rice
Do you also find yourself buying a lot of specialized rice to make specific cuisines?

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  1. Yes, I'll have to do an inventory, but I keep telling myself STOP! I'll let you know in a little while, because I'm planning a trip to Trader Joe in a week or so and don't want to make any more foolish mistakes. Because the last two times we got Chinese, we didn't even eat the rice so I froze it....does that count? White and brown.

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      white rice, 3 lb plus a 5 lb bag of Carolina (about a half lb used)

      a big bag of Carolina jasmine

      tub of sushi rice

      another box of jasmine (Roland), but that was a free sample

      carnaroli (another free sample, yay!)

      one and a half 2 lb bags of brown rice

      and a partial box of Uncle Bens long grain and wild rice mix

      plus the frozen Chinese leftovers in the freezer

      Not as bad as i thought, but I really have to stop this madness and start planning on more rice dishes! I always think I have to have all these different types of rice, meanwhile I should be subbing one for the other til the inventory goes down a bit. Any good summery ideas?

    2. Only 2 kinds in my pantry. A fat satchel of Carnaroli rice and a 50 pound bag of jasmine rice.

      1. Five - Uncle Ben's, basmati, arborio, wild, Camargue red.

        And, yes, I know wild isnt actually a rice

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        1. re: Harters

          White, sushi, jasmine and arborio. Roxlet, your list is impressive.

        2. Tee-hee, I'm making biryani right now...
          Plain ass, white, long grain, cheap.
          Basmati (I use Basmati for generally all Asian steamed rice applications)
          Brown Nishiki
          Some bulk wild mix from Whole Foods
          Long grain sweet rice (I started making my own mango w/ sticky rice. SO EASY!!!)

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          1. re: gordeaux

            I'd LOVE the recipe for the mango w/ sticky rice!

            1. re: SAHCook

              Web one up, it's scary easy.
              Wash the rice until the water runs clear (like always)
              In the am, cover the rice with water.
              In the pm, steam the rice - I use a pasta cooker with insert. I wrap the rice in a kitchen towel

              Saucepan: Coconut milk with brown sugar to taste. ( I don't own palm sugar.)
              Very low simmer, stirring, until it reduces by about 1/4. It will thicken more as it stands off of the heat.

              Add a few spoons of the coconut milk mixture to your rice. This is to flavor the rice. The rice will absorb the liquid.

              Plate: rice, more coconut milk mixture and your sliced mango. It's crazy easy, and probably one of the most absurdly delicious things for the least amount of work involved.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Thanks! I love the easy/delicious recipes!

          2. Basamati
            Near East rice pilaf
            Trader Joe's wild rice

            1. Brown basmati (or jasmine, I forget. I'm on vacation and can't check) Lundberg
              Regular long grain brown, not fancy.
              Short grain brown, Lundberg
              Wild (if we can count that as rice in this case), from Minnesota, got it there.

              1. I love rice, but can't match you for inventory - lol!! I usually buy in small quantities & use them asap.

                But I normally always have on hand:

                Regular Brown rice
                Quick-Cooking Brown rice
                Long-grain white rice (both Carolina &/or Uncle Ben's)
                Minute Rice
                Wild & Long Grain mixed

                1. On my shelves, basmati, jasmin, and sushi. In the chest freezer brown long grain. I find those 4 cover all my bases fairly well for the most part.

                  1. Arborio
                    Long-grain white
                    Medium-grain white
                    Basmati white
                    Basmati brown
                    Regular brown

                    1. Nishiki

                      TJ's wild

                      Uncle Ben's


                      Out of plain regular white, don't eat brown, love the Nishiki because it's like what we ate in Taiwan.

                      1. Basmati (currently - Indian; "Royal" brand. Often have two types, sometimes one Pakistani and one Indian)

                        American long grain (a *very* old partial bag)

                        Brown basmati (another *very* old small bag; from the local "organic" store; I think I cooked it just once, I don't like brown rice)

                        1. Just jasmine and arborio right now. We usually have basmati, but I ran out and haven't replaced it. I wish I had sushi rice ... only because that would mean I make sushi and I like the sound of that!

                          1. Not that many at the moment!

                            Sweet Rice

                            I do try to buy specific rice for certain dishes if they call for it.

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                            1. re: eastofnevada

                              In the pantry right now:
                              Arroz extra
                              Arroz largo
                              Arroz redondo
                              Bomba extra
                              Bomba de Delta d'Ebre

                              and several packets of different rice flours.

                            2. Long-grain white
                              Medium-grain brown
                              Minnesota wild
                              TJs pilaf blend
                              Generic wild blend

                              1. Basmati
                                Brown Basmati
                                Black Korean
                                Black Japonica
                                Thai long grain sweet
                                Arroz Carreta paella
                                Nishiki short grain Japanese

                                1. Basmati (brown and white)
                                  Medium-grain brown
                                  Rice noodles too!

                                  1. Right now, we've got:

                                    "haiga" style rice (milled with the bran removed, but germ retained; our go-to rice for almost everything; tastes like white rice... kind of a compromise on the whole white rice / brown rice thing). 9 times out of 10, this is the rice we're eating, and we go through it pretty fast.
                                    sweet (sticky) rice
                                    brown rice (some fancy Japanese brand)
                                    "forbidden" rice
                                    Mahatma brand long grain enriched (for "Spanish" rice)
                                    Anson Mills wild rice (yes, technically not actually rice)

                                    I also really enjoy Vietnamese "broken" jasmine rice, but we haven't had any in the house for a while.

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                                    1. re: will47

                                      What is this forbidden rice exactly? I had it a couple of times many years ago, and have since moved out of country and havent found it since. I tried other black rices, but none have that flowery perfume and taste I remember.

                                    2. White long grain, brown from the bulk bins at Winco, and *GASP* a box of instant (left over from when my elderly dog had a tummy ailment and could only eat pureed chicken and mushy rice).

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                                      1. re: laskiblue

                                        Yup - I ALWAYS have Minute Rice & Minute Brown Rice on hand at all times for dogs with - ahem - "intestinal distress". Just one or two days of rice & all is well with the world again - lol!

                                      2. Carolina, one white one brown.

                                        1. At the moment my pantry holds the following:
                                          Basmati - brown
                                          Basmati - white
                                          Japanese - brown - Organic Heirloom Kokuho Rose®
                                          Japanese - white - Heirloom Kokuho Rose® Superior Style
                                          Sweet Rice - Sho-Chiku-Bai® Premium

                                          Plus - wild "rice"

                                          1. Near East
                                            Mahatma Yellow Rice
                                            Brown Rice
                                            Wild Rice

                                            1. Arborio, long grain American, brown, sushi, basmati

                                              1. 3 organic ones--a brown one, and then 2 from Italy (a red and a black). We don't eat much rice, but thought the latter 2 were interesting, so eager to try them at some point. I may also have some sushi rice, even though I've never succeeded in making it right. Maybe I'm optimistic that the next time will be the charm.

                                                I have never (knowingly) eaten Uncle Ben's.

                                                1. None. I'm rice-impaired. Can't cook it, and now I don't even try. Oh, I've tried and tried. I'm good with no rice made at home.

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                                                  1. re: Bakerloo Line

                                                    I can relate - one of the first meals I made dh included "smoked" wild rice. "Smoked" because of the 1/2" of blackened wild rice mix burnt onto the bottom of the pan. I barely did better with real rice until I got a rice cooker a few years ago. I still can't make it on the stovetop.

                                                    1. re: Bakerloo Line

                                                      Bakerloo - if you do enjoy rice, think about getting yourself a rice cooker. My husband recently gifted me with one he bought at Costco - an "Aroma Professional", for a whopping $29.99. I've already used it for both white & brown rice, & it's been GREAT. Add water to pre-measured line, add rice, close lid, press button. Rice comes out perfect, & cooker even keeps it warm until you're ready.

                                                      Another nice thing about this model is that it also doubles as a slow cooker (soups, stews, etc., etc.), AND comes with a steamer basket so you can steam meat, veggies, whatever, on their own or at the same time you're cooking rice. I'm not much of a gadget person, but this thing has been very handy to have around.

                                                    2. Two types: the 50 pound bag and the 5 pound bag. :-)

                                                      1. japonica sushi rice for most Asian dishes
                                                        Basmati for Indian
                                                        Arborio for risottos
                                                        Short grain brown rice
                                                        black rice (Korean style)
                                                        short grain sticky white rice for desserts
                                                        wild rice (er, grain?)

                                                        I find that this list is the shortest I can get away with and still satisfy rice needs for all my different favorite dishes. When I cook Thai, I just use the sushi rice with a jasmine teabag or flower.

                                                        1. Four....Risitto, organic brown, wild rice and white , spanish style....

                                                          1. Jasmine
                                                            brown long grain
                                                            Brown short grain
                                                            Black forbidden
                                                            Sticky rice
                                                            Cream of rice

                                                            1. arborio, niroli, "long grain white," jasmine, white basmati, brown basmati, paella rice (medium grain, forget the name), wild rice, wild rice blend--Lundberg.

                                                              1. Rice proliferates in my house too. Sometimes It's just rice sprinkled with Furikake seasoning of some type, or a thick vegetable or meat braise. I braise up highly seasoned food in Italian, Thai, Korean, Indian, or Japanese styles and vacuum pack in small portions to use over rice or noodles.
                                                                Plain white long grain
                                                                plain brown
                                                                dark purple
                                                                sweet white
                                                                sweet red
                                                                and just about every flavor of Zatarins and Near East mixes, plus a few other brands.

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                                                                1. re: JMF

                                                                  Another Zatarain's fan here!!

                                                                  Yes, yes, I realize they're chock full of sodium (even the new "low-sodium" ones), but boy are they handy to have around - especially when I need or want to put a quick meal on the table. Some sausage, chicken, &/or shrimp; a box of Zatarain's; & I can have an impromptu Jambalaya or Gumbo or Dirty Rice on the table in 25 minutes. Of course, I also frequently add additional beans, some fresh or frozen sliced okra, etc., etc., but it's still quick & delicious.

                                                                  1. re: Bacardi1

                                                                    I actually don't get enough salt in my diet. Most of it comes from the twice a month I use something like Zatarain's, or soy sauce used in cooking. I don't add much salt when cooking, except for home smoked salt. just enough to bring the flavor out in a dish. And I never salt my plated food, except for french fries.

                                                                2. Sorry to answer so late, but had to wait to get home to see what my larder held.

                                                                  Sticky Thai
                                                                  Falasco black Venere
                                                                  La Gallinella Carnaroli
                                                                  Montasio extra
                                                                  Bomba Illa de Riu
                                                                  Sushi rice, California