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Jun 5, 2012 01:13 PM

How many different types of rice do you have in your pantry?

Rice seems to be proliferating in my house. This came to me when I went out to buy two more containers to store it in. Right now we have the following:
Uncle Ben's
Uncle Ben's brown rice
Brown sushi
Matrix Valenciano (paella rice)
black rice
Do you also find yourself buying a lot of specialized rice to make specific cuisines?

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  1. Yes, I'll have to do an inventory, but I keep telling myself STOP! I'll let you know in a little while, because I'm planning a trip to Trader Joe in a week or so and don't want to make any more foolish mistakes. Because the last two times we got Chinese, we didn't even eat the rice so I froze it....does that count? White and brown.

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    1. re: coll

      white rice, 3 lb plus a 5 lb bag of Carolina (about a half lb used)

      a big bag of Carolina jasmine

      tub of sushi rice

      another box of jasmine (Roland), but that was a free sample

      carnaroli (another free sample, yay!)

      one and a half 2 lb bags of brown rice

      and a partial box of Uncle Bens long grain and wild rice mix

      plus the frozen Chinese leftovers in the freezer

      Not as bad as i thought, but I really have to stop this madness and start planning on more rice dishes! I always think I have to have all these different types of rice, meanwhile I should be subbing one for the other til the inventory goes down a bit. Any good summery ideas?

    2. Only 2 kinds in my pantry. A fat satchel of Carnaroli rice and a 50 pound bag of jasmine rice.

      1. Five - Uncle Ben's, basmati, arborio, wild, Camargue red.

        And, yes, I know wild isnt actually a rice

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        1. re: Harters

          White, sushi, jasmine and arborio. Roxlet, your list is impressive.

        2. Tee-hee, I'm making biryani right now...
          Plain ass, white, long grain, cheap.
          Basmati (I use Basmati for generally all Asian steamed rice applications)
          Brown Nishiki
          Some bulk wild mix from Whole Foods
          Long grain sweet rice (I started making my own mango w/ sticky rice. SO EASY!!!)

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          1. re: gordeaux

            I'd LOVE the recipe for the mango w/ sticky rice!

            1. re: SAHCook

              Web one up, it's scary easy.
              Wash the rice until the water runs clear (like always)
              In the am, cover the rice with water.
              In the pm, steam the rice - I use a pasta cooker with insert. I wrap the rice in a kitchen towel

              Saucepan: Coconut milk with brown sugar to taste. ( I don't own palm sugar.)
              Very low simmer, stirring, until it reduces by about 1/4. It will thicken more as it stands off of the heat.

              Add a few spoons of the coconut milk mixture to your rice. This is to flavor the rice. The rice will absorb the liquid.

              Plate: rice, more coconut milk mixture and your sliced mango. It's crazy easy, and probably one of the most absurdly delicious things for the least amount of work involved.

              1. re: gordeaux

                Thanks! I love the easy/delicious recipes!

          2. Basamati
            Near East rice pilaf
            Trader Joe's wild rice