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Jun 5, 2012 01:09 PM

Haliburton Restaurants

We are renting a cottage 15 minutes outside of Haliburton for 2 weeks in July. Wondering if there are recommendations on any restaurants in the area when we want a break from cooking? We eat chicken/fish/dairy, but no "meat". Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Hey!

    In town there is a small cafe just off the main drive with wraps and lattes called the Heritage House, I think they are just open in the day. There is a pub McKecks - everything will be deep fried, but its got beers. There is another restaurant that has changed hands a few times and i've yet to try its latest incarnation.

    In the past my family has had luck at a couple of the resorts, including good vegetarian meals. I suggest you pick up the local paper - the echo, and check out those advertised.

    Have a great vacation.

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      Thanks for the info - I really appreciate it!!

    2. I haven't been up in a few years (the ex got the cottage :-) but we liked McKeck's for wings, beer & a ballgame, or better was a place called Mark's Chinese Restaurant on Hwy. 35 at Minden, (yes, Mark's) which was always followed by a trip to the Kawartha Dairy Bar for giant cones (pralines & cream for me)

      BUT, you MUST go to the Highland Cinemas in Kinmount for a movie... seriously, it's a crazy, awesome retro/hillbilly blast!


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        Ah yes - Kawartha Dairy plays a large role in our decision to cottage in this area! Yummmmmm. Will check out the movie theatre as well - that sounds fun. Thanks so much for your suggestions.