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Jun 5, 2012 01:09 PM

Best Dishes at Rasika West End?

Hi All,

I just made a reservation at the Rasika West End when my boyfriend is in town in a few weeks.

We love the original Rasika and I'm pretty excited that their West End location opened up, since it's very close to my apartment.

I've been told that the menus are fairly different. So any can't miss dishes at the West End location?


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  1. I too love the original and the food at the new one is just as good (cant say I love the decor though - its like being stuck in clock work orange!). The best thing I had that I wish they had at the other location was the crab app with phylo. Its really light so definitely get it if you like spice and or crab - my boyfriend doesnt eat shellfish but encouraged me to order it solo since it was a special occasion and I am SO glad I did.