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Jun 5, 2012 12:49 PM

Exceptionally kid-friendly service at Mary Chung's

I have become a fan of this place since reading reviews here and wanted to add another accolade of a different type. We were there with my chow-toddler last weekend and had Alice as a waitress. Now, you don't usually think "service" with this type of place. Not that it's been bad, just that they bring you your food and that's it. Well, Alice provided service of the "I know what you and your family need to eat and I'll make sure you get it whether you want it or not"-variety. We tried to order a few things medium-spicy. "No," said Alice. "No spicy- the baby should try too." Dun dun noodles- never considered getting them with sauce on the side. Alice insisted, so that the baby could eat the noodles. Baby loved them. Eggplant dish- asked for a recommendation, told her medium-spicy, was told, "no, she should try that too." Surprisingly, Alice knew best and the baby had her first eggplant. We were permitted to order the suan la chow appetizer, but a non-spiced dumpling in a separate dish also showed up and was promptly consumed by the baby. So, thanks Alice. I would have fed the kid brown rice and the sweet potato chunks we brought. You knew best.

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    1. We started bringing our daughter there when she was 2 1/2, 15 years ago, and they were always incredibly accommodating. It became her favorite place to go, and she beamed at her 5th birthday when she was allowed to design/order the meal for the family! Glad to hear they are still servicing families with little ones!

      1. well, they are also very helpful to us in yet another way. our son adopted from foster care with huge trauma including food trauma history was "of course, no problem" allowed to consume his McD's from across the street very willingly while his dad and I ate all our favorite spicy foods. so glad your chow baby loved it all! If only someone had been so kind to our son in his early years! thanks for telling us! The food there really hits the spot for us sometimes.....

        1. My bff's kids were raised on Mary Chungs and now when they come to town to visit, if they don't take up a big table with all their pals, its where they want to go. When Mary is there she will come and visit the table and she remembers when Dar had her first spicy shredded cabbage....great topical post....

          1. Thanks, Parsnipity. Posts like this are what make this Board worth reading.