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Jun 5, 2012 12:43 PM

Garlic Rocker

Anyone use one of these? Made by Joseph Joseph. Let's skip the "I just use a knife comments please."


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  1. We sell these where I work and see a good number of returns. Haven't used one personally.

    1. I have not used it. In my opinion, it looks like a bad design compared to the alternatives. It is slow.... just look at the video to see how long it took to produce the crashed garlic. It is inefficient, for a lot of the garlic is left in the holes. It requires prep work, as you have to take the garlic skin off first before using it. It is also expensive for something this simple -- $15?

      1. The best kitchen gadget I have for mimicking crushed garlic is a microplane. The most convenient would be a garlic press, often you can press the garlic with the skin on. I know finding a good garlic press is difficult, so I haven't bothered to get one. I don't mind taking the skin off, its never been a problem for me, I just cut the bottom off, give it a bit of a press which loosens the skin all around, and it usually comes off without any trouble at all.

        Once you've got the skin off I would personally prefer a microplane. A microplane is probably faster, it gets the garlic very fine, and can be used for a heck of a lot more then garlic.

        is what I have and use and love, I use it for garlic, ginger, wasabi, horseradish, parmegiano, and have used it for much more, chocolate, cinnamon, any other hard cheese, nutmeg, etc.

        would also be fine.

        I don't like single use gadgets personally.

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          YES -- I discovered this a couple of weeks ago when I was in a hurry, and had the microplane in my hand after zesting a couple of lemons.

          It's AWESOME -- very fine, consistent texture, with hardly any work at all.

          I also hate unitaskers -- though I will confess to owning one of those silicone tubes for peeling garlic -- because it sure make the job fast and easy (and because it's silicone, I can cram it into just about any available space)

        2. I'm a huge fan of the garlic press recommended by Cooks Illustrated. I literally use it daily (LOVE garlic)

          1. I visualize garlic cloves squirting away like watermelon seeds... Bad words learned by children of tender age... "WTF?" from progeny at estate sales...