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Jun 5, 2012 12:34 PM

Le Beurre Bordier aux Algues

We went on a gourmet and wine bar walking tour when we were in Paris a few days ago, and the tour guide bought us some Le Beurre Bordier aux Algues to take home with us. It made it back with us to the US fine, but now I don't know what to do with it. I know it contains algae or sea weed, but does anyone have ideas of recipes or dishes that would highlight this ingredient? Thanks!

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  1. Recipes? Cook with it? Cooking may be wasting the great pure taste. I sometimes melt a little bit of it on cooked natto beans, that's about it.
    Mostly I just butter toast or simple good bread with it, in order to enjoy it to the max.

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      NATTO,NATTO ??????
      l now have to revamp my feelings for you

      Algue butter as Parigi says is best on fresh bread thinly applied and with a bit of chill left in the butter. Have also tried Bellevaire's version, more expensive, too salty, and not in same league.

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        "l now have to revamp my feelings for you"

        Uh oh, the vibes don't point to an upward revamp.

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          Thanks to DCM I now have the dilemma of trying to decide which to get first when I arrive in Paris - the Beurre Bordier or the baguette.

          Have you considered just eating it with a spoon? I have.

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            There are other usages, come to think of it.

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          Dcm, and others, what do you like from Bellevaire ? they have a butter with sea salt that leibovitz praises highly. merci.

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            Its butters are also excellent.
            I like to get its gruyère d'alpage. Not cheap, but sooo worth it.
            Once I made the mistake of taking one of the aforementioned gentleman, otherwise known as Cheese Locust, there. He decimated the store.

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              l find their salted butter way too salty for me. l get their doux instead, as l do with bordier.

        3. This is too funny! I just came onto the computer,having just eaten a 1/2 of a sourdough English muffin spread with my beurre Bordier aux Algues that I snuck into the country and am eating nugget by nugget. The muffin was lightly toasted..perfect snack!

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            No need to sneak, perfectly acceptable to customs officials

          2. Chowhound Jake Dear brilliantly spreads it on steaks and chops as one would anchovy butter. Jake, details please?

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              We learned to bring these butters back -- frozen, in tupperware -- from this forum and mangeur (see photo). We agree with DCM, Bordier aux Algues is superb, still firm and chilled -- not room temperature -- on bread with a good crust. (Isn't this the butter that's served at Spring?) At home we use a crusty Amce or BrickMaiden round. And as mangeur knows, we we put a pat of it on grilled marbled beef. But we've recently discovered that the best for us is a pat on grilled lamb T-bones. The intense salt and sea flavors mimic another combo that we like -- grilled lamb with a paste of ground anchovies. And Mo (she's the chef in our house) also uses it well on a rustic version of grilled salmon. -- Jake

              1. re: Jake Dear

                "(Isn't this the butter that's served at Spring?)"

                Yes, and ILe Cinq.
                It was Marie-Laure - who has a baby girl now - who steered me to Ferme Saint Hubert (rue Rochecouart) to get it.

            2. I prefer to just spread it on some good French bread. I have also seen chefs use it while cooking scallops.

              How lucky we are to be able to find it at select supermarkets in HK and Taipei

              1. I like to pair it with "big fish soups", aka faux bouillabaisse, along with crusty bread.