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Jun 5, 2012 12:14 PM

Where to go after the Marlins game for dinner?

We'll be heading back towards Broward so not sure where to go for a late night not too spendy dinner. Looking to stay around $40 pp (w/o drinks). Not looking for Mexican or Sushi but am kind of tired of the same old standards (Capital Grille, Trulucks, Johnny Vs) - wouldn't mind staying in Miami but don't want to head to South Beach. Any ideas? I know this leaves a lot of room for suggestions but I'm at a loss for what I want.

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  1. You might want to try one of the places in Midtown (Gigi, Sugarcane, Mercadito), which is right at the N. Miami Ave exit off 95 and 195. Harry's Pizzeria is another good choice in that area, but just north of 195 at that same exit. You could stay near $40 pp (w/o drinks) at Sra. Martinez or Michael's Genuine in the Design District too, although you might end up going a little over that.

      1. Other options
        Red Light
        The Federal
        Blue Collar
        Buena Vista Bistro

        1. la caretta at pines and university for cuban or 67th and palmetto to canton

          1. So we went to Harry's Pizzeria - fantastic!!! We shared the polenta fries and the peach frisee salad and then we ordered the rock shrimp and short rib pizzas. We ended up taking an entire pizza home after having a few slices of each. The dough was perfect with just the right amount of char, the flavors were excellent. We then had the zeppole for dessert and loved those as well. Great little hole in the wall place with excellent prices. Thanks again!!!

            Oh and tpigeon - I have to go back to the design district next Monday so we're going to hit up the Federal. Their menu looks amazing.