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Jun 5, 2012 12:09 PM

Hand-made mochi or sesame balls with red bean paste local availability?

Hi there. My step-daughter is a huge fan of mochi and sesame balls (and loves the red bean paste filling). She had some delicious fresh mochi when we were in Hawaii and has been craving it ever since. My searches have brought up mochi ice cream, but not mochi with the red bean paste. Anyone know of any local market or restaurant that would have it? Also, any suggestions for sesame balls with sweet bean paste filling? Is that only a seasonal item for the Chinese New Year?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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  1. Keefer Court bakery and chinese food
    326 Cedar Avenue South
    (612) 340-0937

    I love this place! I get a sesame ball with red bean paste every time i am there, usually 3 times a week...the food is great (roast duck, roast pork, homemade noodles) and the bakery has all of the good stuff.( sticky rice balls, curry puffs, pork buns)

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      I second this. I've yet to figure out when they come out warm though.

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        I was there one time when we were sitting to eat and my friends ordered them at teh beginning of the meal. She offered to make them fresh.

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        1. United Noodle carries mochi filled with red bean paste in their refrigerator case. It's not super fresh, but it will certainly do if you have a hankering for such things. Mochi was one of my favorite treats as a child.

          I've also had it at Tanpopo in St Paul. It's a bit pricey there.

          1. I've often seen them during dim sum time at local restaurants.