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Jun 5, 2012 11:49 AM

Best Al Chigae / Altang Jjigae (Spicy Korean Soup/Stew w/Fish Roe)?

(See the thread title.) Surprisingly, I could find no mentions of "Al Chigae" or "Altang Jjigae" (or combinations thereof) searching CH. Lots of mentions of other kinds of chigae/jigae/jjigae, though.

I don't care if it's from a restaurant or a supermarket, I'm just looking for the "best" or at least decent preparations of it. I've had it at both Chosun Galbee and Soowon Galbi (both call it "Al Chigae" on their menus), and at KBBQ places in NYC.

I haven't been to Chosun Galbee in a while, but my recollection of it, compared to my recent visits to Soowon Galbi, is that it is better. It has less "stuff" (vegetables, shrimp, etc) in it, so more unadulterated spicy broth and (maybe) more roe (love shrimp, but don't need it in this soup). However, despite filling the stew with more "extraneous" (to me) ingredients, Soowon Galbee does also put milt in its version, which complements the roe nicely.

Ideally, the further West the better, but I understand I'll likely have to drive mid-city and go into Koreatown.

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  1. My husband's 2 favorite places for al jiggae are Soban or Hamjipark, although he say Hamjipark might have a slight edge probably because they might add a littlle more msg for flavor. I've been throroughly impress with the food at Soban. Some argue that the food doesn't have enough flavor, but my take is that everything is fresh and they don't use alot of msg like other places.

    You should also try the Eun Dae Gu Jorim (braised cod in soy marinade). It's absolutely delicious and the owner himself told us that all the fish is fresh and brought in daily..

    The banchan speaks for itself..

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      Thanks, saucequeen. I'll add both to my list of places to try.

    2. try jun won - it's not bad. or places like mapo kkak doo gee, seong buk dong, etc. may have it, along with the refrigerated section of banchans and jjigehs at a korean market. my fave is not the jjigeh but the al banchan (raw fish roe sacks w/soy, sesame oil, seeds, green onion). YUMMERZ!!