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Jun 5, 2012 11:30 AM

need good steak-seafood restaurant

We are coming to Chicago for our son's college graduation. We would like a good steak/seafood restaurant...not too noisy so we can speak with one another...great food...and a view would be nice...this is a special occasion...Appreciate your input !

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  1. Joe's is really my favorite in the combo category. They have great steaks and, even though it's not florida stone crab season right now, will have great seafood options. That and some great pie for the graduation dessert. For steak, with a couple fish options on the menu, I recommend Chicago Cut.

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      Thanks so much for your input...this helps !

    2. I would say "Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab" is first-best in the true "combo" category by a fairly wide margin. Their steak & seafood options are both terrific. Most other steak places have seafood options, but don't focus on it. I'd probably put Capital Grille second if any among you is committed to the seafood side of the menu. If you're ok with limited seafood options, David Burke's, Mastro's, and Morton's are all great as well.

      Many like Chicago Cut as well, but I wasn't impressed recently with their actual steaks. Great ambience/vibe, however.

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        Thanks so much for taking the time to give your input !

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          Just want to be sure you're aware that there are some very expensive restaurants mentioned here. I'm guessing that's not a big deal given the occasion. If money is indeed no object, then I second Capital Grille.

      2. Well let me throw out Riva's on Navy Pier. It is surprisingly good despite being on Navy Pier. I've taken a lot of clients there and they have always raved. It is primarily seafood but the steaks are done well. And you can't beat the views especially if you go right before dusk. You can watch the sailboats and the watch the city light up for the night.

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            I'm with Joe's too. It was my first thought when I read your question. The food is terrific. The wait staff is very professional. I like the Shrimp DeJonghe as a generous starter. Most sides are to be shared. It's one of my Chicago favs.

            Congrats on no more tuition payments too!

        1. I would agree- I really like Joe's. Also would second the suggestion on Chicago Cut - we had a really great meal and fantastic steak and it's right on the river, so has a very nice view. Another idea is Hugo's Frog Bar- where you can also get steaks from Gibson's. It can be a little loud there though.

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            Yes, i almost forgot Hugo's. Second to Joe's in my food order ranking, but they do always go the extra mile. Last time i was there, my 3.5 year old niece dined with us, and one of the kitchen guys (maybe one of the sous chefs) took her back in the kitchen to see the steaks being cooked AND most memorably to her, gave her a big chocolate chip cookie.

            I have to disagree on Riva as the location is so uneasy to get to, terribly busy on the weekend with tourists, and the three times i've dined there haven't been very impressed. It's more along the lines of a Legal Seafood than a fine dining option.