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Fav/Best Snow Shaved Ice in Los Angeles?

Besides the obvious Class 302. Want to make sure I haven't been missing out. (been to Tasty to Go in Arcadia as well)

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  1. Mango shaved ice at Pa Pa Walk, in the mini-mall next to the San Gabriel Hilton.

    In Arcadia, SinBaLa's shaved ice is quite comforting, as well.

    1. I'll second Pa Pa Walk for mango shaved ice/shaved snow and when it comes to shaved ice instead of snow, I still like Old Country Cafe. Better texture.

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        Agree with the texture of Old Country Cafe.

      2. blockheads shavery near sawtelle. although i haven't had class 302 so i am not able to provide a fair comparison.

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          I've been to both. Blockhead's strawberry shaved ice is worth the drive. Class 302's mango thing looks better than it tastes; looks wonderfully sinful but is missing the fragrance of mangoes :-) Saigon Flavour (Valley Road and elsewhere) has my favorite crushed ice drink-- Durian shake for $3.50, just ice blended with chunks of durian and half and half. Normally condensed milk is used but you can ask it be subbed with half and half.

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            Blockheads Shavery is doing something very different...and very delicious!

            The taste is great, but it is the texture that is at once intriguing and amazing! If you "break" it with a spoon, it looks like a fine, flaky pastry in the bowl. Yet, it melts smoothly in the mouth.

            The lines are mostly out the door and down the block. They offer enough of a variety that you can customize your bowl to suit your tastes. I saw no two bowls alike when we were there!

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              there's also a blockheads on main in alhambra which i discovered today. i prefer the texture to anything else i've tried in the SGV.

            2. Class 302 is still the leader by an astronomical unit.

              For Hawaiian style, the Get Shaved Truck is very good. (NB I haven't tried them in nearly two years.)


              They now also have some bricks-and-mortar location:


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                I've been to the Torrance location and it's easily the best Hawaiian-style shaved ice I've had in the LA area. It also helps that nearby are many great ramen shops and Torihei is literally across the street.

              2. I had some nice shaved snow at the A&J in Arcadia. Not sure if other locations have it as well.

                1. In WSGV, Salju.

                  In ESGV, Class 302.

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                      +2 on Salju. Sorry I neglected it. Plus, you can get jackfruit as a topping.

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                        I have been to Salju THREE TIMES in FOUR DAYS....awesome! Fantastic black sesame shave ice. They leave the drizzle bottle on your table. Generous size, generous toppings. I like the mini boba. Oh yeah, nice guy running the place!

                    2. Brian's Shaved Ice on Sawtelle

                      1. Reiterating what others have said about shaved snow, I like Pa Pa Walk for the mango and Blockheads and Salju for their variety and customizability. Pa Pa Walk is more like 302 in the sense that it only offers set combinations of flavors/toppings, but you can choose between 2 sizes.

                        Blockheads and Salju offer 3 sizes (I think?) and a number of toppings that you can add on for an additional cost. They also offer more flavors of snow - agree with some of the posters about the black sesame flavor, delicious! I also get the condensed milk on the side because they usually add too much for me.

                        Fluff also offers a variety of sizes, toppings and flavors, but the texture of their snow actually seems less fluffy ... I recently tried their almond flavor, which I liked because it felt like a snow version of almond tofu, but their other flavors aren't as good as Blockheads or Salju imo.

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                          My latest Blockheads trip: Black sesame shaved snow, with red bean, egg custard and condensed milk drizzle...

                          (pardon the 90 degree turn which Chowhound inexplicably made during the upload... arghhh)

                          1. re: J.L.

                            It makes the cup look a lot more dramatic, all those red beans about to cascade down the snow!

                            re: liu - I must have mixed up my shaved snow spots, too many to keep track of!

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                              "...too many to keep track of!"

                              But I have never had anything like this Blockhead Shaved Ice Cream...perhaps I need to get out more!

                              I resisted the small size because even that was too large, but -- without sharing too much -- I devoured it quickly! It is such a fun thing to eat!

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                              Who all has black sesame? Somehow, I've managed to miss that.

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                                I believe black sesame was on the board at Blockhead, along with green tea, red bean and a few others.

                              2. re: mikeop34

                                Hi, mikeop34.
                                When I was at Blockheads this past weekend, they offered only 2 sizes. I requested a kid's size, but they said that they don't currently offer it.

                              3. Stop by New York Snow inside the District BBQ & Lounge in Los Angeles on 3rd St. I went there with my boyfriend the other day and the snow is absolutely delicious. Their Snow texture is light, tasty, and fluffy. Their taro Drizzle is heaven

                                1. I remember the mango shaved ice at Ten Ren's actually being pretty good. But my favorite after 302 is Salju,

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                                    The mango shaved ice at Ten Ren's absolutely epic. They punch it up with the Taiwanese black sugar syrup, and there's bottomless ice.

                                    That's a points so far missed by this thread. SGV Taiwanese joints -- Shau Mei/Old Country/Ten Ren -- all offer free shaved ice refills. Granted, there's supposed higher intrinsic value in flavored/creamed shaved "snow", but personally, that's all negated by the next point.

                                    Another significant point of shaved ice is to bring freezing/numbing pain/pleasure to oneself. I don't find that kind of masochistic pleasure in majority of the shaved cream/snow creations.

                                    1. re: TonyC

                                      Interesting, I had no idea it was bottomless ice.

                                      1. re: TonyC

                                        Tony C, which Ten Ren?

                                        I can't imagine shave(d) ice at the one downtown in Chinatown. I have passed by this one many times, and generally, it seems like not much is going on in there on a Saturday afternoon.

                                        1. re: liu

                                          Ten Ren Tea Time, which is not the same as Ten Ren Tea (Chinatown), which is not the same as Tea Station (though TS obv also does mango shaved ice).

                                          The TRTT's I prefer are Monterey Park & Rowland Heights, but NOT the Focus Plaza 1. Don't know what it is, but it always seem to skimp. Maybe things have changed, but I stopped going to the Focus Plaza TRTT years ago. The newish TRTT in Walnut serves BOOZE, which makes it automatically the most badass TRTT of all.

                                          Anywho, this shaved ice comes out 6" tall with 1 (unnecessary) scoop of vanilla ice cream, some kind of thick mango jelly (with mango bits), fresh mango, black sugar syrup, and condensed milk. The toppings are generous enough to drench a second full serving of shaved ice. It's not monstrous ala Pa Pa Walk, but it's also only $6.

                                          However, there exists a problem: TRTT has a minimum per person spending. This shaved ice does NOT meet the req, which means you're forced to also order popcorn chicken. So, you gotta rotate Old Country back into this mango shaved ice circus. Plus, Old Country allows addition of pudding into the shaved ice. The pudding adds a whole other level to the shaved ice game, and puts it over any creamer/flavoring powder driven shaved snow, IMNSHO.

                                          But yah, 200 words on shaved ice... My bad.

                                          1. re: TonyC

                                            When I used to go to Ten Ren's/Tea Station, we would get 1 shaved ice + 1 drink per person, and bring board games and cards. Guaranteed waste of 2-3 hours right there.

                                            1. re: TonyC

                                              Very funny, TonyC!
                                              Thanks for clarifying which Ten Ren.

                                          2. re: TonyC

                                            Another significant point of shaved ice is to bring freezing/numbing pain/pleasure to oneself. I don't find that kind of masochistic pleasure in majority of the shaved cream/snow creations.

                                            So you're one of "those" people, eh?

                                        2. I simply love Class 302, I've been going there for over a year but I've recently tried Blockheads and I think they go toe to toe. Class 302 is just a bit more icier than Blockheads but they both taste and feel phenomenal.

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                                            Clearly, Sweet Crush Ice Bar won't make the cut. Awful reviews, not only from Yelp but from my neighbors. Hope these folks did not sign a long lease.

                                            1. re: maudies5

                                              OTOH, they did sign up a PR firm, and I think the backers are lawyers from the neighborhood? G'luck to them. Snow Monkey has since closed their mall space and retreated into catering-only.