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Jun 5, 2012 10:59 AM

Visiting Montreal Thursday-Monday

I'm visiting Montreal for the first time Thursday through Monday of next week with my boyfriend. We're traveling up from New York City, and are BIG food lovers.

I've started the search a bit (Toque! is a must-try, yes?). But I'd love some recommendations.

We truly do love any cuisine. We like spots with drink options, and very much enjoy sitting at the bar for dinner as well. Our price range is pretty flexible - it is vacation, after all - but we'll probably stay away from the top-tier expensive restaurants. We're staying at the W Hotel in Old Montreal, but willing to explore anywhere.

Look forward to getting some recs!

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  1. This week-end ? or the next one ?

    If it is this coming week-end, it will be Formula 1 week-end and most/all restaurants in downtown/old-montreal are probably fully booked.

    Get out to Mile-end/Plateau/Outremont (or maybe further out) and look out for places like :
    La Salle à Manger, "Le Chien fumant", 3 Petits Bouchon, Cafe Ellefsen, Le Filet, La Porte, or one of the many chinese in "chinatown" 1 or 2, Pinxto, Tapeo, Park, Icehouse, Laloux, Lallouz, FoodLab, Le Comptoir.

    Toqué is good, but it's high-end and very "corporate" (IMO),

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      This is a good list. You might also read a few recent reports by other New Yorkers on their weekends here for some ideas. They both wrote really thoughtful reports.

    2. Toque not a must-try, in the opinion of most CHers here. Used to be many years ago, Max says, now it's high end and corporate. You would likely be much happier at its little sister resto, Brasserie T. If you like eating at the bar (and can get a reservation) you might want to try Au Pied de Cochon, or Joe Beef. Or any of the recommendations below.

      1. We're going next weekend, starting Thursday the 18th.

        Thanks for the recs, I'll start taking a look through these lists now!