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Jun 5, 2012 09:48 AM

Dualit vs. Breville toasters?

My Dualit toaster broke yesterday. When I try to turn it on it flips the breaker. My husband is an electrical engineer and has confirmed that it is, in fact broken. I can't really complain after having it for 12 years without a single problem. I am inclined to purchase another one, but wanted to see if anyone has an opinion on Dualit vs Breville or another recommendation. Thoughts?

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  1. In case anyone is interested or has a broken Dualit, I found a local store that will repair it for me! It's the same guy who has been servicing my vacuum for years. I called him on a whim and and thrilled that he works on Dualit.

    1. There are new Dualit repair parts (heating elements, timer switch, etc) for sale on Ebay.